Avner Samuel Closes Snack. Will Reopen New Concept Soon

The Avner.

Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins is back on track at CultureMapDallas. Today she shines the light on yet another Avner Samuel restaurant malfunction. Samuel and his partner Jon Stevens have closed their global-small plates spot, Snack, and plan to reopen as something different in two weeks. Is the space jinxed? Yes. Was the food “too adventurous for the area and maybe for the city?” No. Should Avner just go back and concentrate on his core business? Yes.

I’ve watched Avner Samuel’s career for over 15 years. He is a brilliant chef and a lousy businessman. Someone is either giving him bad advice or bad money. Or both. Avner has survived too many restaurant closures to count and for a long time he couldn’t shake the image of  “peripatetic Avner Samuel.” (Like lesbian rocker Melissa Etheridge.) I was glad to see Avner and his wife Celeste succeed with Nosh Euro Bistro and I worried a bit when they opened a second location in Plano. But once he lost his focus and started futzing around with Ed Bailey at Bailey’s Prime Plus and opening Snack, I knew he was
toast. Avner, give it up. Go back to Nosh Euro Bistro and make it better. That is where you shine.


  • B E

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • runDMC

    I’ve watched the same pattern but for longer than 15. More like 25. Starting with “Avner’s” on McKinney.
    Once it started to catch on, A.S.S. (his middle name must start with an “s”, I’m sure of it) left the kitchen and started playing Toots Shor at the front door. Al Biernat but without the personality or charm. It’s been that same pattern over and over and over. I still remember his “it’s my time” comment back when he was going to take over the world by opening 20 Euro Bistro’s and 2 more Aurora’s, even one in Las Vegas!!!! Oh, my. He’s the only guy I know that routinely gets high just by smelling his own b.o.

  • Liz

    Snack didn’t fail because it was too adventurous. Snack failed because it had all the charm of an Applebee’s with food and bev that was inconsistent at best and overpriced to boot.

  • Ann

    We tried Snack and were thoroughly unimpressed. I can’t even remember anything about the food. It seemed off, some how.

  • Your mom

    Curse of the finger puppet……this one worked fast!