Anthony Bourdain Admits He’s Shamefully Ignorant of Dallas’ Dining Scene

Photo credit: Travel Channel

Nancy and I were on a national conference call with Anthony Bourdain yesterday set up by the Travel Channel. Other major media outlets (hey, Eater Dallas!) were there taking turns, asking him goodness knows how many questions. The poor man. But I guess he gets paid big bucks for this, so my pity is short-lasting. Before I pelted Bourdain with random questions that SideDish readers submitted, Bourdain shared his thoughts on new chefs that he admires, like “the guys at Mission Chinese in NY and San Francisco who are doing amazing work. Second generations of Chinese and Korean kids who don’t really feel any particular geographic connection or responsibility to stay authentic are going to be really, really interesting.” He talked to Rebecca from AAA World Magazine about why he hasn’t filmed in Philadelphia for awhile, and then basically admitted to Eater Dallas editor Whitney Filloon that he hasn’t really eaten anywhere in Dallas.

Uncle Nancy followed up after Eater Dallas with a bang. “Then you’re shamefully ignorant of Dallas food?”

Anthony Bourdain: Yeah, yeah. I think that’s a fair statement.

UN: Well, we’d like to get you back down here to see what’s going on because we’ve got some [email protected]# chefs going on right now. I think you would be really impressed.

AB: Oh! Hopefully I’ll at least be able to grab a bite or two when I’m down in November.

UN: Plus your buddy John Tesar is making a comeback.

Bourdain: [Laughs] One of many.

UN: Well, he’s bringin’ fine food back to Dallas, so get your [email protected]# down here.

Carol: We asked our readers to submit questions, and here are some things that they’ve asked. Darren wants to know what five ingredients you’d select for a basket for an episode of Chopped?

AB: Hm. I’d keep it really, really simple. a chicken, an egg, some blood sausage, some salt, some butter – maybe throw an onion in there somewhere.  I think you can learn a lot about people – between the onion, the chicken, and the egg – you pretty much know everything you need to know about a cook.

CS: Jennifer Howard asked if you’ve ever had a Muchaco from Taco Bueno.

AB: No, I have not.

CS: Have you ever had anything from Taco Bueno before?

AB: I have not. I guess I’m missing something.

CS: And Kenneth Hamburger is wondering who has a better job between yourself and Rick Steves?

AB: Oh, I have a better job. I mean, Rick Steves has to be nice and he has to wear mom jeans. Wouldn’t it be great if Rick Steves got completely hammered? I’d like to do a crossover show with him; get him all f***ed up and get him in trouble.

UN: The invitation is for you two to do that in Dallas.

AB: I was thinking some place like Borneo or Hong Kong. But I think it would be pretty funny with him pulling his shirt over his head or at a bar in Bangkok going “Woohoo!” at the top of his lungs.

UN: It’d be a new show for ya. Fill in your spare time.

AB: People keep telling that he’s a pot head, but you know, I don’t know.

UN: Well, then, go to Amsterdam!

This conference call was created to promote Bourdain’s upcoming speaking tour. Both Bourdain and his buddy Eric Ripert will be at Bass Hall in Forth Worth on November 9. Buy your tickets here.