Adam Richman From Man Vs. Food Discovers the Tastiest Mess at the State Fair of Texas

Adam Richman inspects Benavides' bacon cinnamon roll at the State Fair of Texas during the "Tastiest Mess in Texas" (Brandon Wade/AP Images for Bounty)

The State Fair of Texas may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of it.

Even though he’s said that he’s “quite done with food challenges,” Adam Richman can’t seem to separate himself from food. The host of the cult classic, Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel, was at the State Fair on Saturday, where he teamed up with Bounty Paper Towels and Napkins to discover the tastiest messes in Texas.

Five dishes and six judges (including Richman) engaged a throng of fans in the greasiest and most deep fried of taste tests.

Bounty paper towels were also on deck to soak up the Texas-sized messes.

Abel Gonzales’ fried butter and fried peanut butter/jelly/banana sandwiches, Fletcher’s corny dog, Butch Benavides’ fried bacon cinnamon roll, Isaac Rousso’s fried pork wing, and Glory Dadiotis’ chocolate fruit kabob were up to bat at the judges’ table.

Benavides’ fried bacon cinnamon roll took home bragging rights for receiving the highest scores in the categories of tasty and messy.  Gooey cinnamon and butter with chunks of real bacon and powdered sugar proved such a tasty mess that Richman nicknamed one of the judges “Tony Montana” for his nose covered in powdered sugar.

Known as a man of food, Richman is so much more. He realized everyone expects him to say that his favorite thing about the State Fair is the food, but instead he had a different answer. “It’s the people of Texas. Texas pride is so unique.”

Richman has even more big food ventures on the horizon and is mindful that none of it would be possible without people supporting him. “I exist because my fans let me,” he said.

Tiffany Thomas is a 22-year-old from Shreveport. She graduated from Northwestern State University of Louisiana in Natchitoches, LA. She enjoys writing, cooking, shopping, and eating.