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A Girl Walks Into a Bar: Whitehall Exchange in Bishop Arts

Bishop Arts’ best people-watching spot. (Photography by Sean McGinty)

This month, Moira Muldoon walks into Whitehall Exchange in Bishop Arts. She files this report:

Texans are not supposed to complain about the heat. Not in the spring, not in the summer, not in the fall. We acknowledge the heat, of course, but it’s more like the sky being blue or the ground being underneath our feet. It’s a fact. And just like we can say, “Big sky today,” we can say, “It’s a hot one.” And then we’re supposed to move on.
But even when we (okay, I) don’t talk about it, the weather affects everything. And when it’s so hot for seven months out of the year, all things begin to be viewed through the prism of heat. Whitehall Exchange, the new bar in Bishop Arts, feels like a heat-defying place. It sits on the corner of North Bishop Avenue and West Seventh Street, with three large awning windows that swing out over the sidewalk.

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