The Web Team Goes to East Hampton Sandwich Co.

Lobster roll with knuckle and claw meat, chives, split lobster tail, micro greens, and butter drizzle (photos by Carol Shih)

One of my greatest achievements on Monday? Tuesday? was convincing the rest of the web team to eat at East Hampton Sandwich Co. during our weekly meeting time. To be fair, it didn’t take much convincing. Hunter Pond’s sandwich biz is, after all, a popular hangout spot in Snider Plaza these days. I propose that we all start doing the slow clap for Pond; he’s only 25 and people are lining outside the door of his first restaurant. East Hampton Sandwich Co. was packed around lunchtime yesterday. And now I can see why.

The lobster roll I had for $16 came with micro greens and arugula. Covered in a light, creamy white sauce, the lobster was generous and plentifully stacked on top of the buttery brioche bun, which managed to hold all of its components inside. The only complaint I have is that the bun was too oily for my taste. My poor napkin was badly abused by constant hand-wiping, and I briefly considered giving up and eating the lobster roll with a knife and fork. It probably didn’t help that I was also eating homemade potato chips (for an extra $3) that were over-fried and stiff. It did help, however, when I stole my boss’ jalapeno cream sauce (they all come on the side) and dipped my potato chips into it.

All-in-all, the web team considered lunch at East Hampton Sandwich Co. a success. The rest of the Webbers have written some post-sandwich thoughts below. Check it out.

Southern fried chicken and pepper jack sandwich with arugula, cured bacon, avocado, and jalapeno cream sauce

Jason (Fried Chicken + Jack): The fried chicken and jack was perfectly adequate. There was too much of the cream sauce. I could barely taste the chicken or the other elements. And I have a pet peeve about sandwiches that are too tall to fit comfortably into your mouth. This was one of those.

Local goat cheese and avocado sandwich with red pepper aioli sauce

Liz (Goat Cheese + Avo): I’m already predisposed to like almost anything on a menu with goat cheese. I see it, I order it. This policy does not really ever steer me in a wayward direction, and the goat cheese and avocado sandwich here was not an exception. The cheese was fresh and creamy, the avocado ripe, the greens were plentiful (I loved the mix of baby spinach, microgreens, and arugula), and the roll, while soft, held up against what could have been a soggy, messy disaster.  The only thing that ended up back on my plate were a few stray greens. I liked the red pepper aioli—the application could have been a little less heavy-handed on the sandwich itself, but the little pot of it was so good I ate more of those terrible chips than I wanted to just to keep dipping them in that stuff.

Raya (Goat Cheese + Avo): The Goat Cheese + Avo with goat cheese, avocado, and a generous amount of microgreens was delicious at first bite. The goat cheese flavor is rich but paired beautifully with just the right amount of avocado and a surprising slice of yellow tomato.

Meyer lemon chicken sandwich with vinaigrette, celery chop, watermelon radish, and roasted red pepper aioli

Liz (Meyer Lemon Chicken): I switched half of my avocado and goat cheese with Raya’s Meyer lemon chicken, and while that sandwich was also good, I preferred the flavor of the first. For a sandwich, though, the Meyer lemon tasted surprisingly light, not too mayonnaise-y, with a perfect amount of crunch. I don’t like celery, and I didn’t even notice it was there.

Raya (Meyer Lemon Chicken): The Meyer Lemon Chicken wasn’t as zesty as expected, but light and tasty, full of fresh veggies, like celery, spinach, and watermelon radish. An extra dose of red pepper aioli livens it ups.



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  • Carl

    Who edits this garbage?

  • @Carl- Humans, almost definitely.

  • DGirl

    I have eaten there several times and think everything is great, even the burger. The sauces that accompany the sammys and the chips (which I thought were perfect) are delish, complex but not too strong. I don’t know of any other place in town, and for sure not in the Park Cities, that offers a menu like East Hampton. Love it. Be prepared to wait.

  • runDMC

    I liked the lobster roll quite a bit myself, but absolutely, they need to throttle back on the frying time on the chips.
    Dark brown with a burnt/ bitter taste is not the chip of my dreams.

  • girlmom

    I am curious… there any smell from the cigar shop next door? The only reason I ask is the one time I tried to eat at Fadi’s, there was an off putting smell that seemed to permeate the restaurant from the cigar store next to it. I think it was a smoking type lounge too, so maybe that was it.

    • @girlmom – East Hampton’s was cigar-free to me.

  • bear

    My donuts were very brown and so tough i couldn’t chew off a bite. I think they were cooked too long or recooked to make them so tough. i threw the whole order away once i got home. wish i would have tried one before i left the store so i could have gotten a refund. Don’t let people sit down and hog a table till they have their order. It’s unfair to people that have their food and no place to sit.