The Muffin Man of Dallas: Jonathon Erdeljac

(left to right) Banana bacon; blueberry butterscotch; and caramel, apple, almond muffins from Jonathon’s Oak Cliff. (Photography by Kevin Marple)

I’m sure you know your way to San Jose, but do you really know the Muffin Man? He does not live on Drury Lane, he lives in Dallas and he makes magnificent muffins every morning at Jonathon’s Oak Cliff. Krista Nightengale got up close and extremely personal with the Muffin Man and his wife, Mrs. Muffin Man, and files this report.

Jonathon Erdeljac never expected his muffins to be big. the native Houstonian is the type of person who wants to do one thing and do it well. When he was executive chef at Bread Winners, it drove him crazy that he would go to work and have to crank out 20 varieties of muffins every day. “If I was nailing three out of five, that’s good in baseball, but not good for me,” says the 36-year-old redhead. “I’m very passionate about what I do.” So last year, when he and his wife, Christine, struck out on their own to open a restaurant called Jonathon’s Oak Cliff, Erdeljac made a decision.

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