SlushWorks + Good Karma Kitchen = Mega Truck at the State Fair

The Good Karma Kitchen food truck is hooking up with the SlushWorks team to become a “Mega Truck” in the Food and Fiber pavilion at the State Fair.  They will be the “Go Texan” booth inside of the pavilion.  While there, for safety, the truck motor will be incapacitated and the gas tank drained.  The Good Karma girls(Christina MacMicken and Megan Topham) worked closely with the SlushWorks boys (Rob Vassilakos and Eric Foster) when they were both at the Fort Worth Food Park.  At that time though, Rob and Eric were running The Munch Box.

Carol Shih had good things to say about Good Karma last March, when they were mostly limited to Ft. Worth.  They are now in Dallas quite a bit.  I’ve been to Good Karma several times since and Carol was spot on.  While the Mega Truck is at the State Fair, Good Karma will continue to run, albeit a lighter schedule.

SlushWorks is a new concept, formed when The Munch Box had a sugar fire and had to be shipped down to Cruisin’ Kitchens for a refurb.