SideDish Giveaway: $100 Theodent Toothpaste Made From Chocolate

Theodent toothpaste (photo by Carol Shih)

This post is brought to you by SideDish, where we care about your dental hygiene. – Liz Johnstone

Sometimes Jason, the Web Editor, gets weird packages. One time he received this horrible Monarch butterfly book that I’m sure he’s never read. Yesterday, in the mail, Jason received two tubes of (what he likes to call) “toothpaste from the Gods.” The brand is Theodent. If you study Theodent’s website carefully, you’ll notice that the black box of toothpaste is priced at $10, which is not-too-outrageously priced. But the white box of toothpaste, called Theodent 300, is worth $99.99. We all know that those nines are mere trickery. This toothpaste costs a one hundred dollars. In total, both tubes are worth $110.

Jason’s a Crest kind-of-guy, so he doesn’t really need toothpastes made from diamonds and topped with real gold caps. That is why we are giving these toothpastes away! The box claims that Theodent toothpastes use a “non-toxic revolutionary new additive to toothpaste” that’s found in a “compound that occurs naturally in chocolate.” Whatever this compound is, I hope it tastes like chocolate made by an emperor’s baby soft hands.

So here’s the fun part: To enter the giveaway, tell us the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever spent $100 on. I will pick one random winner from the comments below and send that winner an email. The contest officially closes on Wednesday, September 25, at 4 p.m.

Jump and read Krista Nightengale’s review of the toothpaste.

photo by Krista Nightengale

Krista Nightengale also received two tubes of Theodent. Here’s her review after using them last night:

Non-fluoride, $100 toothpaste tastes like…non-fluoride $5 toothpaste. Sure, the fancy bottle with the pretty point made for a perfectly applied amount of toothpaste. And at first, I thought it was perhaps creamier than other non-fluoride toothpastes I have tried. But once I got past that, it tasted just like any other toothpaste. But the best part about the toothpaste was when I woke up this morning: my teeth were covered in diamonds. (Not really, but wouldn’t you expect that if you paid $100 for toothpaste?) For now, it’s just toothpaste. But I’ll keep using it and see if there are any improvements on my teeth. If this toothpaste can keep me from having to break up with a tooth, I’ll pay for it.