SideDish Giveaway: $100 Theodent Toothpaste Made From Chocolate

Theodent toothpaste (photo by Carol Shih)

This post is brought to you by SideDish, where we care about your dental hygiene. – Liz Johnstone

Sometimes Jason, the Web Editor, gets weird packages. One time he received this horrible Monarch butterfly book that I’m sure he’s never read. Yesterday, in the mail, Jason received two tubes of (what he likes to call) “toothpaste from the Gods.” The brand is Theodent. If you study Theodent’s website carefully, you’ll notice that the black box of toothpaste is priced at $10, which is not-too-outrageously priced. But the white box of toothpaste, called Theodent 300, is worth $99.99. We all know that those nines are mere trickery. This toothpaste costs a one hundred dollars. In total, both tubes are worth $110.

Jason’s a Crest kind-of-guy, so he doesn’t really need toothpastes made from diamonds and topped with real gold caps. That is why we are giving these toothpastes away! The box claims that Theodent toothpastes use a “non-toxic revolutionary new additive to toothpaste” that’s found in a “compound that occurs naturally in chocolate.” Whatever this compound is, I hope it tastes like chocolate made by an emperor’s baby soft hands.

So here’s the fun part: To enter the giveaway, tell us the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever spent $100 on. I will pick one random winner from the comments below and send that winner an email. The contest officially closes on Wednesday, September 25, at 4 p.m.

Jump and read Krista Nightengale’s review of the toothpaste.

photo by Krista Nightengale

Krista Nightengale also received two tubes of Theodent. Here’s her review after using them last night:

Non-fluoride, $100 toothpaste tastes like…non-fluoride $5 toothpaste. Sure, the fancy bottle with the pretty point made for a perfectly applied amount of toothpaste. And at first, I thought it was perhaps creamier than other non-fluoride toothpastes I have tried. But once I got past that, it tasted just like any other toothpaste. But the best part about the toothpaste was when I woke up this morning: my teeth were covered in diamonds. (Not really, but wouldn’t you expect that if you paid $100 for toothpaste?) For now, it’s just toothpaste. But I’ll keep using it and see if there are any improvements on my teeth. If this toothpaste can keep me from having to break up with a tooth, I’ll pay for it.


  • Lisa

    One time I bought a $115 hijab. I’m not Muslim, I’ve never worn it.

  • @Lisa – I am this close to awarding you the toothpastes right now.

  • Laura

    on my 30th birthday (new year’s day) i saw a gentleman wearing a shirt that said “i feel a sin coming on”. i literally bought the shirt off his back for $100.

  • Alex

    Due to a gross miscalculation and tremendous lack of both exchange rate and foreign language skills, I once bought what turned out to be a little over $100 worth of Fanta.

    …It was probably worth it. So good.

  • Brenda

    Once on a trip to Hawaii my husband and I spent at least $100 on soda refills at a fancy restaurant. We didn’t realize each time they brought us another drink it was another charge and the glasses were tiny. No more assuming just because we haven’t left the U.S. that drink refills are free.

  • sgl

    It was one of the last days of the fall semester before my study abroad trip to Germany, and I had a good amount of what was essentially cash on my dining card, money that wouldn’t be refunded to me the following semester. So I told everyone who was in the on-campus chinese restaurant with me at that moment that I’d pay for their lunch that day. I assume there were either more people than I estimated or people just ordered more food than I would’ve guessed because I ended up paying for the difference with real cash, but it was nice to just see the faces of those stressed-by-finals students smile. (;

  • Robert

    I love this toothpaste. The cost is high, yes, but the payoff is worth it. I’ve always had extreme sensitivity. This toothpaste has Rennou, which is the only technology on the market that actually rebuilds enamel. Also, about a year ago, I had to take my toddler to the ER, because he ingested half a tube if Colgate fluoride toothpaste. My family will never use a fluoride toothpaste again, & other non-fluoride toothpastes on the market have no enamel strengthening agent… They are just like brushing your teeth with water. I love Theodent 300. It’s pricey, but nothing else, even Sensodyne, eliminates my sensitivity a gives me a smoothness when I run my tongue across my front teeth. I’m proud to be a Theodent family, & we will never use any other product (unless Theodent launches more products with Rennou)!! Theodent doesn’t belong in this “ridiculous $100 purchases” feed. I would have paid more to mitigate the pain & sensitivity I had before Theodent.

  • Annie

    Last year I went to the doctor for my annual checkup, which is 100% covered by insurance. They charged me a $100 “new patient fee” which, no matter how many people I called, they could not do anything about. Needless to say, I am now a former patient.

  • Scott–DFW

    Robert, do you happen to know of any studies in peer-reviewed publications that show that Rennou is at all effective in reducing tooth decay or gingivitis? If not–and if you did pay $100 for a tube of this stuff–I think Carol should send you the prize.

  • Liz

    $129 plus taxes and fees for a hotel room in Austin for a vacation that lasted 18 hours because our non-sleeping toddler decided to cry the entire time. We got there, went to sleep, got up and ate at the Magnolia, and went home. We had vacation PTSD for quite a while after that.

  • Razz

    $100 toothpaste???

  • eric

    costco was having a sale on odwalla orange juice. i love fresh tasting orange juice. 2$ for a 6 pack. i went crazy and bought 110$ worth. they expired in a week, i guess thats why they went on sale. i drank so much orange juice that week.

  • Dan

    I spent $100 on a Grant Hill basketball card in the mid 90’s that has progressed to decrease in value.

  • G.

    Bought this DVD “rolodex” stand for trying to get my collection sorted. It sounded good: rotate them with the push of a bottom, have the top DVD automatically illuminated. That thing stalled, lost the DVD on the lower end of the caroussel, being made out of plastic it tipped over when the DVD’s where not evenly distributed by weight. Waste of time, effort, and money! It didn’t take long for this ‘innovative’ thing to land in the trash pile.

    I recently found Theodent Classic and love how clean it makes my teeth feel. I don’t have to use much as all and am hoping that the claims will help me keep my teeth healthy, strong and in my mouth. Would like to try the Theodent 300 to increase the care of my teeth. Anything to keep me out of the dentist office, keep my teeth healthy. $100 is nothing compared to the cost of repairing or replacing a tooth!

  • Paul

    $100 on Tweezers.

  • Sonya

    I spent $100 on a concert ticket to see an artist that I had already seen at least 50 times in concert over the last 5 years. And I would do it again. 🙂

  • Lindsey

    I bought a guy I dated in college a navy, velour, Sean Jean sweat suit in for about $150. I’m from Dallas, he is from Long Island, people there wear stuff like that (or they did 7 years ago)…it was the most ridiculous looking outfit ever and he semi-fortunately lost it a month later.

  • dson

    $100 dollars on a car wash/wax, few hours later it began to pour…

  • erik

    The $100 cheesesteak at Barclay Prime in Philly.

    It was amazing: kobe, foie gras, truffles…. Absolute decadence and deliciousness.

    Was it worth $100? Probably not, but it’s easy to answer when someone asks “What’s the best sandwich you ever had?”

  • I paid $100 to watch Kidd Kraddick interview Charlie Sheen before Sheen and one of his goddesses ranted about nothing.

  • Brunch at The Mansion at Turtle Creek for two.
    Are you f*&^ing kidding me? You could argue that I got my money’s worth of viewing social x-rays (bonus points for Tom Wolfe reference) and paunchy, golf-tanned rich men in salmon-colored polos. I also got looked down upon, which amazed me because of my incredibly fashionable vintage orange & gold day frock. Maybe it’s because I don’t straighten my hair?
    I digress. My benedict (the litmus of every brunch menu) was just fine, as were the mimosas and assorted whatnots. But I left feeling disappointed, a sentiment driven home by having to shell out $10 to the valet with a sense of entitlement.
    Damn you, Dallas. At least my brunch companion was a lot of fun.

  • @ Lindsey. I have to know how someone loses a sweatsuit?! =)

  • Ivory

    The most ridiculous $100 ever spent was on Facebook’s IPO at $45 per share. My 2.2 shares of the company stock are now worth $44.67. Perhaps I can break even before I retire in 23 years.

  • Martha

    Bought a Bebe LBD for a girls night out, only to be dismissed from the entrance of the club because it was 10 min after 1am. They would stop allowing people in at 1, even though it was open till 2 am…

  • Bill

    In Tokyo spending $100 on dinner for 2 at Denny’s exchange rates and cost of living there def was a surprise.

  • Kathryn

    I once spent $100 on an invincible dragon Yu-Gi-Oh game playing card, when it appeared on my then 9 year old son’s Christmas wish list! I wanted to cry when he lost the card in a round of Yu-Gi-Oh at school (where they were playing winner keeps!) two weeks later.

  • Kathryn

    I should add, I wised up fast and he got fake replicas from then on!

  • Kimbers

    in a supposed ‘bar’ on my first trip to Bangkok, I ordered a drink, got a thimble size amount of soda, and a unwanted bar dance from a very young girl. The $100 was to get the poor thing off the bar and to get out of the bar alive from the people shaking us down! bad lesson learned!!

  • Lindsey

    @Mandy ha! he played football, I’m pretty sure another player with equally interesting fashion sense stole it. It was a big sweat suit too. I’m sure it’s somewhere, I don’t think velour ever biodegrades…I hope by this point a homeless person found it and it keeps them warm!

  • Charles Laffiteau

    An upscale restaurant I sometimes went to had a bottle of Louis XIII cognac that they sold for $100 an ounce (in a brandy sniffter of course). I heard someone inquire about the fancy Baccarat bottle and the bartender said the person who bought the last ounce of cognac could have the bottle. I wanted that bottle so I would check the level of the bottle every time I went there waiting until it was almost empty before I ordered a glass. One night I saw another diner order a glass and observed that the bottle now looked almost empty. So to get that bottle for myself, I decided to impress my friends by ordering a ‘shot’ of Louis XIII cognac and then down it like a shot of tequila. Cognac is NOT tequila and I almost choked on it as it went down my throat. Furthermore, not only did my little act not impress anyone, but I also didn’t get the bottle because there were still 1-2 more ounces left in it. I also learned that Baccarat crystal makes the contents of a bottle look like there is less there than you think!

  • Rachel

    I once had to go to A&M Commerce to take an graduate school entrance test because I registered too late to get a spot in Dallas. The silver lining was that my study partner and college crush had to go to the same test site, so we got a hotel room together. Of course, for this night, I knew I needed the perfect pajamas that were not too sexy that seemed like I was trying to hard but sexy enough to make him want me. I spent hours looking for this perfect outfit, and ended up spending well over $100 on the perfect cami and pants set from Nordstrom. They didn’t get the desired effect, but turns out that a few heartbroken years later he told me he wasn’t into women…

  • Laura Wilkinson

    I love trying new toothpastes always hoping they actually do what they claim to do.. The most ridiculous thing I spent a $100 on was ordering 8 frozen gourmet burgers from Pat La Frieda through the mail. So wanted to send them right back.

  • Jabber Jaws

    I hit an icemaker at a gas station that was hanging over the curb and my parents MADE me pay the owner 100 bucks for the damage – it knocked something in the back and water went everywhere. I still maintain my innocence.

  • Claudine

    I don’t spend frivolously so I’ll just take the $10 tube please and thank you. LOL

  • Loved your stories, everyone. Charles, check your email. You won the toothpaste!