Semi-Scary Sandra Lee is Coming Out With Her Own Magazine

Eater National just announced on Twitter that Food Network’s Queen of Semi-Homemade, Sandra Lee, is launching a new eponymous magazine that’ll “cover all aspects of living well — from cooking and entertainment to fashion and style.” Frightening. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope this woman doesn’t commit any more cake crimes.


  • Eagles

    She is scary! Why she has a “cooking” show or I think it may be shows plural, is beyond me. She DOES NOT cook; heating boxed, canned, and jarred food is college cooking in a microwave….

  • Cassi

    If you want some pure unadulterated entertainment, check out her ice cream “baked potato” it’s the lemon frosting that put me over the edge:

  • Margaux A

    The only time I’ve ever seen her show was when she was on at my gym – making sauerkraut and some curdled cheese something-or-other. I had to move treadmills because watching it was making me feel ill. Yum?