• Food Fight

    I think that is a good business decision. Focus on the stores that do well and shut down the under performers. The “big boys” do it all the time. I heard Macaroni Grill shut down in Cedar Hill as well recently.

  • twinwillow

    I guess a big night out in Cedar Hill must be Applebee’s.

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  • critic

    I am hopeful Patrizio’s in Highland Park Village will soon close and be replaced with a great Italian pizzeria.

  • Mike

    @critic – No joke. Or anything Bailey is no where around.

  • Eagles

    Last I time I was at the HP location it smelled so much like old fish that I couldn’t even eat.

  • Ok. Macaroni Grille is not closed. Just went by there. When I asked one of the employees, she looked at me crazy.

  • just sayin’

    um, just because someone SAYS they are the “head honcho” it doesn’t mean that they are. lies on top of lies, it’s the kuczwaj way.

  • Dawnery

    This makes me so sad. Patrizio’s in Cedar Hill was my favorite place to go for dinner. How is Black Eyed Pea always so crowded and a really good restaurant doing so poorly? Argh.