Kyla Phomsavanh, Previously of Thairrific, Opens Sakhuu Thai Cuisine

Four months ago, Kyla Phomsavanh was part of a scary squabble that led to his departure from Thairrific, a restaurant originally opened by his own parents. Now the past is said and done, and Phomsavanh has clearly moved on by opening his new restaurant, Sakhuu, which is a tribute to his business partner/girlfriend Angel Young’s father. The name derives from “sakuu,” the Thai word for white tapioca pearl, and the extra “h” in the name comes from Young’s father. Mr. Khu “had to escape the killing field, go to Vietnam, and change his name to Tran,” says Phomsavanh.

Located at 4801 Bryan Street, Sakhuu offers dishes very similar to Thairrific’s when Phomosavanh was still controlling the kitchen there Expect the same popular stuffed wings, pad thai, and tom kha soup, but starting next week, Phomosavanh will be adding new items (“Sakhuu pearls” with tapioca skin wrapped around ground chicken, soup dumplings with curry flavors) to the menu. On Saturdays only, you can walk into Sakhuu and order a bowl of Thai noodle boat soup, which is a beef-based soup with meatballs and your choice of noodles.

Oh, and before I forget: This restaurant is BYOB-friendly.