Jeffery Hobbs is Leaving Sissy’s, Chris Ostlund Takes Over the Kitchen

Lisa Garza and Jeffery Hobbs (photo Kevin Marple)

We all love Jeffery Hobbs, especially Nancy, who reviewed Sissy’s back in July and wrote inspiring lines like “The ham salad and pimento cheese plate swept me back to my childhood faster than my therapist could ever hope to. After one bite, I was 5 years old” after eating his Southern cooking.

This just means that September is a bittersweet month for Sissy’s. Jeffery Hobbs is leaving to pursue his own project (aka opening his own restaurant), and sous chef Chris Ostlund is taking the helm as execuchef. According to Hobbs, Ostlund was groomed from the very beginning for this position, and Hobbs and Lisa Garza still remain great friends despite the split. Hobbs is still helping out with the new lunch service that’s starting on Tuesday, September 18. Hobbs, Garza, and Ostlund all worked on the menu together.

I tried to get Hobbs to spill the beans about his mysterious “project,” but the guy is superstitious to the max and won’t let out a single peep. “I really can’t say; I can’t talk about anything,” he says to me… at least five times. “There are a couple of things that need to be nailed down. Even when you feel like it’s a for sure thing, there are things that come up.”

But here is what I do know after much cajoling: Hobbs is looking at two different spaces and still deciding. The food at his restaurant is “basically a confluence of everything that [he’s] ever done before.” It’s going to be simple and American. (“Not exactly Southern,” he says.) When I asked if he was going to name his restaurant “Jeffery’s,” Hobbs laughed and said no. He’s still deciding on the name, but it’s probably going to have an abbreviation.

SideDishers, do you have any good guesses??


  • Right on Jeffery, happy for you!

  • Elizabeth Bair

    “Him, Garza, and Ostlund all worked on the menu together.” Wow.

  • Jp

    I have inside news on the split. Hobbs was sick of garzas explosive temper and they got into one evening and that’s when they decided to go there own ways. Let’s see how many managers has she had leave/get fired on her in just a short period?

  • Liquid Ninja

    JP – Your Seogoville HS English teacher called….. I’m sure Jeff just loves your insight.

  • GC

    Chris is an excellent, dedicated cook and will be a great chef.

  • Bill

    While I do enjoy the food, the service needs MAJOR improvement there. I had a server tell me last week, when asking him if there were any off the menu features, “It’s right there (pointing to the black board on the wall). Peanuts, Beet salad, heirloom tomato salad. Those are appetizers. They come before the meal…(then he went on to recite the rest). No passion in his voice, no descriptions. How was the beet salad prepared? Wasn’t it worth mentioning why the boiled peanuts were a feature, what made them special? And most insulting of all was that he thought it necessary to let me know that appetizers are small and come before the main course. Whaaa??? I’ve had this guy twice, and both times he’s been awful. It’s really a shame for the rest of the staff, who seem fairly competent.

  • Al

    Tried her restaurant – won’t be back….

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