Hip Hip Hooray! More Carbs For All! Village Baking Co. is Opening a Retail Store

It’s only taken eight years for Clint Cooper to finally listen to all his Village Baking Co. groupies hollerin’ at him to open an actual storefront for his artisan breads. Thank the calories that he’s finally gone and done it. Now you don’t have to do your best five-year-old pout when the pear croissants are sold out at the local farmers markets.

In an email that Village Baking Co. sent, Jasmine Gonzalez writes:

Clint’s philosophy and passion for bread was cemented during his training at the San Francisco Baking Institute where he learned the fundamentals of age-old bread-making. To use only natural, as well as organic ingredients  – unbleached flour, ground wheat, whole grains, filtered water, and sea salt – and absolutely no chemicals or preservatives. All of Village Baking’s Artisan breads are baked in small batches on hearth deck ovens giving our bread the distinctive melt-in-your mouth goodness and golden crust that is its signature.

Now, after operating our wholesale bakery supplying breads to restaurants throughout the DFW metroplex and bringing our goods to the local farmers’ markets on the weekends, we’ve decided to open a retail shop. Over the years, the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response we’ve received from our passionate and ever-growing farmers’ market customers, has inspired Clint to expand his initial vision and open a store-front that will make his breads and pastries available to everyone year-round.

The new store (5531 East University Blvd.) opens officially on October 4, and it’ll be open Thursday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., with plans to expand hours in the future. On September 29, though, the Coopers are hosting a “soft” opening for friends and family.