Grocery Store Rumors: Trader Joe’s Might Be Opening a Fifth Location at Inwood Village

A little birdy is saying that Trader Joe’s might be the reason why Turtletique, a posh fashion boutique on West Lovers Lane, is closing this month. Owner Barbara Kille says, “We are closing September 15 to the public as the result of the landlord wanting our space.” When I asked if she knew if Trader Joe’s would be moving in, Kille told me, “Your guess is as good as mine, but that’s the most prevalent rumor.”


  • B E

    How many stores are they going to open? Ft. Worth, Plano, walnut Hill, Knox, and now Lover’s lane????

  • Carpe Diem

    I love how operators somehow find a way to blame the Landlord for them losing their space. It’s a market economy.

  • heelsoftar

    I talked with the manager of Cantina Laredo last week since we had heard the same rumor, she emphatically denied the rumor and confirmed they are staying in their space.

  • Edward

    @ Carpe Diem – I didn’t hear the owner of Turtletique blaming anyone. She said the landlord wanted the space. That doesn’t mean that she didn’t want to pay a higher rent or any other “market economy” effect. So I think to dump on the current occupant is a bit out of place.

  • Mike

    Sounds like pricey real estate for TJ’s.

  • A

    I heard Bag and Baggage at Inwood Village is closing by next year. That leaves Cantina Laredo and Saffron Jewelry in between.

  • Bobby

    At this point, Turtletique has already closed to the public. Susan Saffron Jewelry is being relocated within the same shopping center. Bag & Baggage is either closing or relocating by Feb. 2013. Not sure about the future of Cantina Laredo. CL management denies the rumors of closing/moving.

    Architects were measuring and taking pictures of the fronts of all 4 stores last week to prepare plans and architect’s renderings for an “undisclosed project”.