• B E

    The best panini I’ve had, warm ciabatta, pesto spread, thinly sliced onions, tomatoes , mozzarella and sliced turkey. COSTCO Plano, who knew?

  • Eagles

    Houston’s in Addison, yes out there it’s still Houston’s. Terrible! Smoked salmon was beyond fishy, and the french dip that I shared made both me and my dinner companion ill. There is no way I will ever go back.

  • alyb803

    Friday night dinner at Smoke–always excellent. We ate light before heading to a concert–oysters to start, then sauteed sweetbreads w/ fig and goat cheese for me; BBQ octopus for my husband. Sunday night–the September Cafe Momentum dinner at CampO. Excellent food as always, and we wereso happy to see a Cafe Mometum alum who has just landed a prep chef position at Boulevardier. Kudos to Chef Nate for giving this young man a chance to take a step closer to his goals.

  • todd

    I went to Ball’s Hamburgers for lunch, for the first time in forever. Absolutely perfect, juicy medium rare burger with nice fresh vegetables. Don’t wear a white shirt and expect it to stay that way. Chocolate shake was very good and remained thick during the drive back to the office.

  • LJT

    Nova – had the crab claws in a fantastic spicy broth with bits of chorizo. I have been trying to avoid bread, but the garlic bread just smelled too divine not to have a piece or two and sop up some of that broth. Can’t decide now if the smoked salmon potato skins still reign as my favorite thing there, so I’ll have to return. Plus, waitstaff is always so friendly!

  • twinwillow

    Our Wednesday lunch bunch visited Kasbah Grill in Irving. the HUGE, delicious lamb shank tagine served with basmati rice melted in your mouth.
    As did the wonderfully tender chicken tagine. Given a choice of white or dark meat, it was also served with very fluffy, perfectly cooked basmati rice. Service was pleasant and attentive.

    Lunch today at Liberty Burger. My Bison cheeseburger was great. The very best tasting Bison burger I’ve had in Dallas. My companion raved about her Liberty cheeseburger and especially, her outrageous mountain of fried onion rings. The staff are all very pleasant and eager to please.
    I also loved the fact that they’ll cook your burger any way from rare to well done and everything in between.