Eat This Now: ACME F&B’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple upside down cake from ACME F&B (photo by Kevin Marple)

As seen in our September issue.

Ice cream: The cake is topped with a scoop of house-made caramel ice cream.

Cake: Flour salt, white sugar, and baking powder are stirred together. Egg whits are beaten until stiff but not dry. Egg yolks are beaten unti lemony yellow. Pineapple juice, vanilla, and melted butter are stirred intot he yolks. This mixture is added to the flour mixture. Stiff egg whites are gently folded into the mix, and batter is poured into the pan over the brown sugar and pineapple ring.

Pineapple: Butter is melted and brushed on the inside of a 4-by-4 inch cast-iron pan. More butter is mixed with brown sugar and pineapple juice. The mixture is poured into the pan, then a pineapple ring is arranged on the butter-sugar mixture.

Presentation: The cake is baked at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. After cooling, the pan is covered with a serving dish and then inverted so that the pineapple ring sits on top.


  • The Guy

    Damn you, Carol Shih! I was sort of ambivalent about going to ACME, but now…..

  • @The Guy – Sorry, it’s not my fault!

  • notoi4u

    Carol! I said I do not need to find another thing that I like that is a dessert! I am sooo certain that this will be a fave just by looking at it that I have got to go there! So, I am have a dilemma. Do I stop reading the article or start exercising? My guess is that I’ll be reading while I am on the recumbent bike! Thanks for the tip!