Don’t Eat This Now: Drunk Bread at Max’s Wine Dive

Triple major gross misconduct penalty for this dish.

I was excited to try Max’s Wine Dine. I love Champagne and fried chicken. Been pairing them together since college. Monday night I unofficially dined at Max’s with some dear friends. Good News: The Henri Billiot Brut Rose Champagne was a lovely way to end a day. Bad News: The pan borracho (“drunk bread) is a disgusting mess of torn sourdough bread, prosciutto, and thyme soaked in a savory white wine custard and baked with Gruyere, provolone, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. It, unlike the fried chicken, is not meant to be paired with Champagne. This dish is a culinary crime and felony charges ought to be filed. Can I get a witness.

Hey, wanna play a guessing game? Go below.

Guess the food critic behind this glass of Champagne. The person’s image, like the person, is a little left of center.


  • JT4242

    My husband and I dined at Max’s on Friday night and LOVED it. Loved the atmosphere, food and wine. We had the fried oyster nachos for an appetizer, which sound bizarre, but were absolutely amazing. Melted in your mouth (side note, I am from the south and have always loved fried oysters, but they’re not for everyone!). Husband had the fried chicken, and I had the shrimp and grits for entrees. He definitely won that contest 🙂

  • Hiccup

    Nancy – did it taste bad, or just not pair well with champagne? It sounds tempting (even though gruyere/parm/sourrdough sounds too strong) but I’ll try something else if it doesn’t work

  • Loved it. I don’t know what you are talking about.

  • andrew634

    food sucked took forever please learn how to cook a burger ordered medium came out raw mash on fried chicken cold bread cold don’t offer dessert brownie and bread pudding is more amatuer than any chain restaurant will be back for unique wines but will never eat again oh yea why would I pay $11+ for some sucked up bread pudding like appetizer did like sauce on chicken slider

  • Kirk

    The food critic is La TG.

  • No, Kirk. Not the Teegster. The folks at Max’s contacted me after I posted this and offered a discount to customers who came in and ordered this atrocity. I applaud management for playing the game, so to speak, the right way.