Bailey’s in Fairview is Closed

Five days ago, Eater Dallas jumped the gun and reported that Bailey’s in Fairview was closed when it actually wasn’t. It turns out Whitney is a restaurant psychic or something, because now Bailey’s in Fairview has shuttered down.

General Manager Jeff Hudson says the last service was on Saturday, September 8. “They are looking to expand the Patrizio’s line as opposed to the Bailey’s line,” he says.

“This location up in Fairview is primarily surrounded by family-type restaurants. Bailey’s was not a family-type resetaurant; we were more of upscale steaks and seafood, so it never took off. But the Patrizio’s has taken off. They’re going to scale back the Bailey’s line and expand Patrizio’s line. Patrizio’s brand is a much more easy brand to duplicate. Mr. Bailey is a huge believer in expansion.”

As of now, Jeff Hudson won’t say on the record which restaurant is taking over the Bailey’s in Fairview location.


  • Carl

    I read on Crave DFW that it is Texas Land and Cattle who just leased the building. They reported all this last week.

  • “Carl”

    Crave DFW: THE source for spam and fake commentry.

  • Taylor

    It was inevitable…just like Jeff said, Bailey’s is not a family-type place and that is all that is in this area – families and places that cater to that audience. I am one of these people and I am more than happy to head south of 635 for a fine dining experience and escape suburbia for awhile!

  • DallasBirdie

    Karma… 🙂

  • Gina


  • critic

    Could a drive thru lane be created to rebadge this as a McDonald’s ? Seems this is Bailey’s real bag where the food delivery process is manufactured in Chicago.

  • lynn

    He should have held on to his 63 McDonalds. Dumb move. $250 million a year or start another steak house??

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  • Hospitality Instructor

    This is what happens when someone thinks that, “Since I own 34 T.G.I. Fridays, I’m a legit restaurateur. Time to conquer the Dallas steakhouse scene! I’m unstoppable!!!” Ridiculous. You can’t just throw gold on EVERYTHING and expect everyone to just fall to their knees. This has honestly been the biggest throbbing display of hospitality-entrepreneurial hubris that I have ever witnessed. Not surprised in the least.

  • Fairview Foodie

    I am surprised it lasted this long.
    Bad food, even worse service.