Art of Wine to Open Saturday in Preston Forest Shopping Center

I just dropped in to visit with Alfonso Miller who was busy setting up his new wine shop, Art of Wine, in the northwest section of Preston Forest Shopping Center Square. It’s a retail outlet in front and a wines-by-the glass bar in back. He picked a great location: He’s right next door to Mercury and he’s already talked to them about doing some light food items for wine drinkers. He plans to open the doors on Saturday, September 29. 11909 Preston Rd. 214-514-2784.


  • Borborygmus

    Why in the world would Mercury do that? Seriously, at a time when competition on that corner has never been higher, they would supply (sell) food to their competitor, so people don’t have to go to the Mercury for it or the wine.

    “Here borrow our tables and chairs whily you’re at it, so our customers can be comfortable at your new business, next to ours”.

  • I don’t think it’s unusual. I remember Horne and Dekker used to do food for Veritas. Different businesses. I think it’s a win-win.

  • JI

    Who is Alfonso Miller?

  • NoDa Bob

    The article and title needs correcting.

    Preston Forest Shopping Center is at the southeast quadrant of the intersection, where the Whole Foods is located.

    The Art of Wine is going into Preston Forest Square.

  • Good point, NoDaBob. Done. Except I can’t change the headline at this point because the link that has already flown out into cyberspace will not work.

  • acrow

    Nancy – Horne and Dekker is no longer in business, so I’m not sure their business model is one that should be followed