• Erin Ahlfinger

    I just ate at Tillman’s Roadhouse, and it was incredible. Their blow-your-diet menu gets filed under “absolutely worth the calories”. Our table had the sampler different types of potato fries with their house-made ketchup and dill pickle and horseradish mayo as our appetizer. I had the turkey melt with apples, swiss, bacon, and honey mayo. It was outstanding, as it came, but what really made it was dipping it in their homemade barbecue sauce that had chunks of bacon floating in it. It tried a bite of a neighbors mac ‘n cheese and it was no joke. I’ve had lot of mac ‘n cheese, but not like that. It had bacon and green onion to top it off.

  • Tex Mex

    Tried to dine at Mr. Mesaro (for the first time) at 9:15 on Wednesday evening and the kitchen was already closed for the evening. Luckily the kitchen at Taverna was alive and well.

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