Two Restaurants are Open: Saucy’s Thai & Pho and Cedars Mediterranean Mezza

[Correction: We spotted a sign for Saucy’s Thai & Pho early last month (not Tippy’s Thai), and now the restaurant at Preston Royal Shopping Center is definitely open for business.]

A SideDisher spotted the signs for this a while back, but now Tippy’s Thai Cafe is definitely open for business. The restaurant at the Preston Valley Shopping Center at LBJ and Preston is up and running.

Remember the old Cedars Mediterranean Mezza in Preston Center? It shut down in January 2011, but General Manager Bill Dimassi says they’ve been looking for a new location ever since. Now Cedars Mediterranean Mezza is back, but this one’s on 8141 Walnut Hill, Suite 1200 where Nancy says used to be an old Houston’s. Even though the website claims Cedars Mediterranean Mezza is “Coming Summer 2012 to Dallas and Austin,” it’s been open since last Friday. According to Dimassi, there’s a larger menu, a gourmet salad bar, and more meat entrees and grilled skewers. Overall, the entire place is larger, including a couple of private dining rooms.