Two Restaurants are Open: Saucy’s Thai & Pho and Cedars Mediterranean Mezza

[Correction: We spotted a sign for Saucy’s Thai & Pho early last month (not Tippy’s Thai), and now the restaurant at Preston Royal Shopping Center is definitely open for business.]

A SideDisher spotted the signs for this a while back, but now Tippy’s Thai Cafe is definitely open for business. The restaurant at the Preston Valley Shopping Center at LBJ and Preston is up and running.

Remember the old Cedars Mediterranean Mezza in Preston Center? It shut down in January 2011, but General Manager Bill Dimassi says they’ve been looking for a new location ever since. Now Cedars Mediterranean Mezza is back, but this one’s on 8141 Walnut Hill, Suite 1200 where Nancy says used to be an old Houston’s. Even though the website claims Cedars Mediterranean Mezza is “Coming Summer 2012 to Dallas and Austin,” it’s been open since last Friday. According to Dimassi, there’s a larger menu, a gourmet salad bar, and more meat entrees and grilled skewers. Overall, the entire place is larger, including a couple of private dining rooms.


  • Uppercase Matt

    Looking forward to trying Tippy’s once it’s open — but did pick up some to-go from Saucy’s at Preston/Royal last week (pad kee mao, red curry, lemongrass chicken). It was fantastic. Wife couldn’t stop raving about the pkm in particular.

    There was a website listed on the menu, but I tried pulling it up on my phone while waiting for the meal to be ready — the website existed but had no content to speak of. Waitstaff was very helpful (I think every person in there offered me a beverage while I waited). They said they deliver — good Thai delivery in Preston Hollow is welcome!

  • Jack

    Wow, I loved cedars , I am glad they are back

  • Venice Kanjananon

    Hi! I’m Tippy’s son, and we are definitely open for business. For now were are serving lunch and dinner from 11:00am-2:30pm and dinner 5:00-9:00. We do not have a dinner menu yet we should get it by next week. We do to-go orders you can call it in and pick it up later or order there and wait for your food to cook which should take 5-10mins. After a couple of weeks we will be serving breakfast(Fried grits, breakfast bentos, and more!) and should be able to do delivery soon (with in a 3 mile radius). If you know any thai dish and if its not on the menu we will make it doe you if we have the proper ingredients. For now we are closed on Sundays till we see how well business is and we need to train our staff a bit more. Some of our biggest hits are the cashew chicken, my mothers “world’s best” pad Thai, and the pad kee mao. And we also have some of our own desserts no one has ever had before like a Thai tea with white chocolate panna cotta which is like a custard and a Thai coffee creme brûlée. We hope to see you visit us soon! And if you have any questions feel free to stop by! -Venice

  • Jack

    I tried cedars yesterday for dinner and it was unbelievable, the salad bar is huge and fresh with so many choices ,and the kabob skewers are very impressive, I had the lamb and it was so tender

  • Pete

    My family and I was looking the restaurant around the preston Rd on last Friday night. Then saw the new comer name Saucy’s Thai & Pho. I decided to try there. The place is nice. I started with stream Dumpling and chicken satay that my son love it. For the dinner, the friendly waitress suggest me to try red curry, orange chicken, teriyaki salmon and salmon cashew nut are wonderful. How delicious food! Then we tried Mango sticky rice and Fried banana with coconut ice cream. Everything’s perfect. I love this place and I strongly recommended.