The Stand on McKinney Will Deliver Beer and Cigarettes With Your Order

Vices! Getcha vices! Vices all with one call! The Stand, the upscale concession style restaurant on McKinney Avenue is now offering cigarettes and beer with your delivery order. They claim: “Date night just got more convenient and safer.” I’m asking: “How long do I have to wait for a Mac Daddy Dog, carton of Camels, six pack of Coors Lite, and a date?” That would be more convenient for me.


  • JustSaying

    I think they started that service in June? I’m not sure on the exact date I just read it on the Observer awhile back.

  • Steve

    Coors light is gross.

  • Fred

    I’m surprised they are still open!!

  • Ed P

    Pathetic, disgusting place run by clowns. Nice to see they are down to their last gasp. Hopefully they take that ghetto club next door down with them, since they are one and the same.