The Shark Bar & Grill to Open in Willow Bend

From Dolphins to Sharks: The Shark Bar takes over Wyland's Ocean Blue at Willow Bend.

Remember the fish-themed spot Wyland’s Ocean Blue in Willow Bend? No? It was open for at least six months. When they closed, we all wondered what would happen to all of the under-the-sea décor and fixtures. Today we’re worrying no more. We hear The Shark Bar, a sports bar and restaurant, is filling the space that was also once Mercury Grill and other stuff I can’t remember. The website says the spot is “the brainchild of three Dallas entrepreneurs” who, according to this source, are Frederick Sambina Alima, Jimmy Don Hays and Arthur Johnson.

According to this job listing, The Shark Bar is going to be fancy. Think bottle service at Willow Bend. Snippet:

We are looking to partner with experienced restaurant marketers and nightlife promoters that can assist with spreading the word and creating a buzz of excitement for our new spot. Our concept is really dynamic in that we’re locating in a popular shopping mall. By day we’ll be a great gathering place for families, business people and shoppers – great food, high energy environment and a beautiful space. At night, we’ll turn into the premiere gathering place for cocktails, VIP bottle service and live entertainment. The Shark Bar & Grill will be the only establishment in the mall with a nightlife/live entertainment component.

Oh, no! Here comes that song!


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  • Borborygmus

    Ummm, first lets see if they pass Plano’s zoning. Seem to remember a kerfluffle with (Martini?) Bar up near Legacy, they were closed down by the city for operating with less than 50% sales of food. (I think the mall is where several cities join, so they may be just over Plano’s city limits.) Plano is very anti-bar and late night. They will follow up to audit the books to make sure.

  • Dgirl

    It will be closed in 6 months. Anyone want to over/under 6 months? Why do these businesses all fail to do proper research on West Plano before opening “the most exclusive nightlife component of the mall”?!

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  • Sterling

    Willow Bend mall needs something to spice of the night life. It seems like a cool concept to be at a mall and may be welcome addition to the area. I’m looking forward to watching the big Sunday game while my wonderful wife shops. Should drive lots of business to Willow Bend hopefully and home grown concept will survive.