Teiichi Sakurai Will Open a Fresh Fish Market at Sylvan | Thirty

Teiichi Sakurai (photo by Kevin Hunter Marple)

Nancy’s about to quit SideDish. She just wrote me an email that’s too funny not to post. “HOLY [email protected]#$. HOLY [email protected]#$  Save me a space I’m coming to work at S30 HOLY [email protected]#$.”

It’s true. I’m fixin’ to move to West Dallas too. Teiichi “Teach” Sakurai is not only about to celebrate the four-year anniversary of Tei-An in One Arts Plaza, he also just signed on as the sixth and newest tenant at Sylvan | Thirty, the mixed-use development scheduled to open in Spring 2013. Teiichi’s yet-to-be-named fresh fish market will be in the corner building at the intersection of Sylvan and Fort Worth Avenues, and customers can directly walk from there to the other building that houses Cox Farms Market and Matador Meat & Wine.

Teiichi’s fish market is joining Cox Farms Market, Matador Meat & Wine, Pearl Cup Coffee, Sync Yoga & Wellness and a culinary incubator (overseen by Sharon Hage) at Sylvan | Thirty, which is set to become the culinary hotspot of 2013.

Wait, before all that happens, Teiichi still needs to come up with a name! SideDishers, y’all are good at this! Let’s help a brother out. What should Teiichi call his new fish market?


  • el toro

    Teach’s Fish School

  • BigDSenorita

    Teiichi Fish
    Sakurai Fish Market
    Gamakatsu (he will get what it means)

  • david

    How about….OMG this is freakin awesome fish market.

  • BigDSenorita

    If it has a bar inside, it could be called:


  • dk


  • Irodguy

    On the sushi theme he could call it “fish or cut bait”

  • Drew

    All these announcements, but WHEN are they going to actually start construction at Sylvan | Thirty? Shouldn’t it have started long ago to meet the original expected opening date of these places?

  • So that’s why Teiich was at TJ’s a few weeks ago asking all of those specific detailed questions… 🙂

    This is great news. For 22 years, we at TJ’s have been talking about the difference of buying fish at a fish market v. a grocery store.

    The fact that another great chef is seeing and meeting that demand is GREAT NEWS.

    Fish is not scary. Seafood is easy to do at home. If you can cook steak or chicken, you can cook sublime seafood.

    The FDA suggests we eat 2-3 servings of fresh fish a week. TJ’s customers you can “cheat” and visit Teich’s place weekly, TJ’s weekly and still be eating a “normal” amount of fish.

    Welcome to the party, Teiich. Best of luck to all involved!

  • bluebird

    Sorry to hear that for Teach’s sake. The design at Sylvan Thirty looks pretty unfriendly for pedestrians, unless you like walking around in a big parking lot.

  • What does this have to do with his sake? Ginjo? Junmai?

    (here all week folks, tip your waitress)

  • Sline

    This place looks like it is going to be great. It looks to be full of a few small parks, a few plazas, loads of outdoor dining areas and DG parking will make it feel better. Sure it is internalized, but it looks more efficient that way, also insulated from traffic noise. Sylvan entrances and Ft. Worth N. entrance look plenty welcoming to pedestrians and bikes. I hope they have enough budget to put in some good big trees and fulfill the vision shown on their current drawings. And I hope the current plans on their site are still accurate. Hocker Design does beautiful work. Can’t wait!

  • Sline

    Jon from Ty’s = funny!!!

  • Sline

    Tjs dammit!

  • LJT

    @bluebird: So you’re saying you’re unmoved by the central park, plazas and even a dog park on the site plan? The only thing more irritating than people who have “better ideas” with which to use land they don’t own to develop something with money they don’t have, are people like bluebird – negative for the sake of being negative. He/she probably still calls the Large Marge the bridge to nowhere.

  • Evan

    Wonderful news! Call it Umikara.

  • erik

    Sakana Gyogun

  • gijo65