Somebody Help This Poor People: Where to Watch Soccer and Host a Birthday Happy Hour

Lots of needy folks out there this hot Thursday morning. First up is a gal who mends socks in the hall. She has a hard-and-fast deadline:

I’m from Dallas, I live in the heart of Dallas, I’m a regular reader of the food/bar scene and yet for the life of me I can not think of a good place to host the Mr’s up and coming 50th. The dilemma is mainly location. We live and have friends south of LBJ.  The Mr. works and has a slew of employees (25) that work north (Preston/Forest). I’m looking for a place to host a birthday HH with flowing drinks and lite bites for those that attend.  We are not stuffy but I’d like something on the nice side vs. total bar dive.  I’m anticipating around 30 at the most.  Please help, I on a deadline to get out invites!

Second man/boy up is looking for early morning gold, as in Olympic soccer.

Hi Nancy, Do you know of any places that are opening up early 9AM on Saturday (Aug. 11) to show the Mexico v Brazil Olympic gold medal game? Thinking of something like Komali for an early brunch etc.


  • Randy

    Re: Soccer, You might call Zaguan to see if they’ll have TVs up for that. They used to put them up for the Euros & other events.

  • LJT

    Trinity Hall?

  • Carpe Diem

    Trinity Hall for soccer

  • Rebross

    Trinity Hall or Gloria’s.

  • Katherine

    What about the Olympic Womens Soccer game today? USA plays for Gold! How is open and showing?

  • Amy S

    Sevy’s Grilll has a party planner, and private dining room. We specialize in birthdays and happy hours, and can customize a list of appetizers, wines and cocktails to fit any budget. Call Hillary, Stefaan or Frank at (214)265-7389. You can check out our menus at . Good luck!

  • Please come check out my charming, neighborhood restaurant, Bowen’s Cafe Expresso
    6135 Luther Lane- Preston center
    We would love to host your party!
    Valerie Plaster