Sneak Peek: Daniel Vaughn and Anthony Bourdain Break Brisket at Franklin Barbecue in Austin

Only nine days until the final season of No Reservations kicks off with Dallas BBQ Snob, Daniel Vaughn, creator of the blog-gone-book Full Custom Gospel Barbecue. The episode, with host Anthony Bourdain, will air on September 3 on Travel Channel, was shot in Austin. Here’s a snippet. It will make you hungry.


  • twinwillow

    OMFG! I think I would drive to Austin from Dallas at 6:00 AM to get there early enough to wait on line for (only) two hours until they open.

  • I called Snow’s BBQ in Lexington at 4 AM hoping to have them save some BBQ for me. At 6 am,I drove from Dallas only to get lost 2 blocks from Snow’s itself in the small 1 red light town of Lexington Texas. Then I realized look for all the cars and you’ll find it. Waiting in line for 3 hours I was able to grab the very last 4 ounces of BBQ Pork.In my depression,I walked out to see the pits and noticed a large Brown Paper Bag with my name on it. Asking around,I found out that there were a few phone in orders allowed for folks driving in from over 200 miles and inside there were 15 lbs of RIBS,PRIME RIB and BRISKET awaiting me
    I ate the whole thing before I made it back to Dallas

  • SRD

    My question is why can no one in Dallas make excellent BBQ? I will say that Pecan Lodge and Lockhart are in the very good category but not great. Giddings, Lexington, Elgin, Taylor, of course Lockhart, Luling and little places around there just seem to kick our arse. I spent a lot of my chilhood around the Giddings, LaGrange Lexington, Ledbetter and Dime Box area and we took the BBQ for granted and thought all of TX was like that. Best BBQ memory was always after the big Fourth of July parade in Roundtop, all the local BBQ talent would be selling it on the side of the road for take away. Something I think you do not see any more is that they all used to smoke different cuts of lamb, I think shoulder and mutton and it was off the hook. It was every bit as good as the brisket. A little fattier and so juicy you just ate it till you popped. That was real popular withthe old German and Czechs back in the day. I wonder if anyone is still keeping in that tradition?

  • Kasey C

    Franklin’s in Austin and Snow’s is Lexington is well worth the trip. Been to both places a few times and they are in a league of the own. Nothing in DFW comes close.

  • Mambotaxis

    SRD, check out Meshacks over in Garland. Pitmasters name is Travis. He doesnt have non-traditional cuts but I like his bbq. Its literally a shack on the side of the road. I agree with you Dallas does not do bbq well. We are a steak town first and foremost. I went to undergrad in Austin and had the luxury of trying lots of great bbq in and around Austin. Ive been to Lockhart twice in Bishops and had uneven results. One time was really good and the other time was so average.

    Ive got my Longhorn season tix again this year and cant wait to indulge in some more Central Texas smoky goodness.