Sēr’s Third and Final Tasting is All About the Bar Food

Execuchef Anthony Van Camp (left); Colorado rack of lamb (right) photos by Desiree Espada

Anthony Van Camp, the bright executive chef of Sēr, is still fiddling with the menu he’ll be presenting to the public when the Hilton Anatole’s newest steakhouse opens on October 1. So far, construction is well underway and the insides of what was once Nana, Anthony Bombaci’s domain, is now gutted, stripped, torn, and shredded. The wall between the bar and dining area is torn down, so the space for the steakhouse is more airy and open. Don’t worry, though, the 27th floor will be built back up in no time, and Sēr is bound to win people over with Van Camp’s menu despite its funny name. Last night, Desiree and I were invited to the third and final tasting where we tried items that could potentially end up being Sēr’s bar food.

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Cheese and charcuterie (left); The Argyle wiht duck vodka, St. Germain, lemon juice and muddled black berries (right)
AVC and Thomas Welther workin' it

What cocktail you should get pumped about: Des wasn’t too excited about accidentally sipping the Black Maine cocktail (she’s vegetarian) with bacon fat washed Jim Beam and maple syrup, but I liked it in spite of its bacon fat properties. It was strong, sweet, and still felt light on the tongue at the same time. Must be all that bourbon whiskey.

The meats: We tried a wagyu burger, Berkshire pork chop, and Colorado rack of lamb for the protein section of the menu. The lamb probably stood out the most, even though it was the last of the three and I barely had enough room in my stomach to squeeze it in. The portion was large (of course), perfectly pink in the middle, and the lamb was succulent and easy to cut with even a dull knife. Lamb fans, look forward to this dish.

Desserts: Out of the three desserts (Valrhona truffle cake, lemon pie, and cheesecake panna cotta), the cheesecake panna cotta won, hands down. Thomas Welther, the Executive Chef of Hilton Anatole, gave Van Camp an interesting challenge to make a unique cheesecake. Van Camp surprised Welther by freezing panna cotta cheesecake at -270 degrees, then breaking up the frozen cake into bite-size round bits. The result? A cheesecake that doesn’t look like your normal slice of cake, decorated with pomegranates and mint leaves. It was a great finish – more cheese-like than cake-like in quality – to a very heavy, protein-filled meal.

Black Maine with bacon fat washed Jim Beam (left); Oysters on the half shell
Berkshire pork chop with apple-mandarin compote, black truffle vinaigrette
Cheesecake panna cotta with graham cracker crust (left); Enormous Valrhona truffle cake with vanilla chantilly (right)


  • Milk&Cookies

    Gotta say hate the name of the place, just
    sounds silly.

  • Inquisitive

    Who’s doing their cocktails? They sound VERY familiar… JK?

  • InsideEdition

    Looks great. Still sad about Nana. They seem to do a lot of tastings. Why is that. Are they having the media decide what is good? That Is just wrong.

  • Richard

    Food looks great! AVC is a definite up and comer! (And count me as one of the many who really likes the new name!)

  • DKN

    Another unidentified “sponsored” post, methinks? Wasn’t this PR-hosted pre-opening event (and others prior to this one) to get “media” to give feedback and be a SER focus group to get their menu ready? Ask Doyle about it, everyone knows he’s been “helping” SER with their menu in exchange for free food. Slippery slope.

  • John

    If you think restaurants don’t do tastings before they open with all sorts of people your a idiot. How about some props to them for taking it seriously and making sure everything is spot on before they open?

  • InsideEdition

    Doyle is a whore for freebies.