Ristorante Nicola in Park Cities Closes. Nick & Sam’s Grill Will Open in Same Space

Ristorante Nicola, not my favorite restaurant in Dallas, is closed. Not for renovations as they told us last week. Closed for good. Once hotter than hot, the mediocre high-falutin’ Italian spot will shutter and reopen as the hotter than hot Nick & Sam’s Grill. However, Nicola’s owner Richard Gussoni and Nick & Sam’s owner Joe Palladino will partner for the new restaurant. The Plano location of Nicola’s Ristorante Italiano remains open and will accept any outstanding gift certificates held by Ristorante Nicola customers. Nick & Sam’s Grill Park Cities is slated to open in early October. Not sure what the talent will be in the kitchen but I understand Nicola’s just hired an out-of-town chef to run the kitchen and he’s hopping mad about the change.


  • Jo Bennett

    Good restaurant who did not do the demographics they should have before they opened this branch.I think more and more people are getting away from higher end dining and going a lot more casual or so it seems from seeing that Hillstones has thrived and survived because of that and almost perfect restaurant consistancy and skills.

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  • Milk&Cookies

    Akkk Nick and Sam’s no! I hate the idea of ‘restaurant concept’.
    What has happened to great quality food?
    Hillstone dependable, r&d so-so menu and who ever knows who their server is there?
    Wish Sharon Hague could move here….

  • Jo Bennett

    Well the “corporate” restaurants have been in power for a long time and they are the concept kings..the problem is there is little uniqueness or originality or spontaneity in restaurants now…we ARE the product of corporate culture especially in our restaurants AND food…it’s all about the $!

  • Amy S

    Jo Bennett, I am confused. Are you saying Hillstone isn’t “corporate”? Google their corporation, they are huge. They have MBA’s working for PhD’s that study the business of food. Not saying they aren’t consistent, or that their servers don’t work their asses off, but that is more about the corporate culture than anything.

    N&S is locally owned and pretty small in comparison. They are also opening in Addison across from Houston’s too. Seems like a lot of expansion for such a little market. Hope it works and doesn’t cannibalize their original location sales. But they are local.

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  • scott

    Well good luck to Nick and Sams aligning with the Nicola group. The Nicola management is so out of touch with their patrons and had such poor customer relations that they don’t deserve to align with these successful operators.

  • Lucy

    I wish Nick and Sam’s good luck as well. Their food is consistent, delicious, and I appreciate their attentive service.

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  • robert miers

    extremely nice people and waitstaff. Fantastic support from neighborhood and food lovers. Myself and wife loved it for quiet, casual, dining. Food was a 8-10 always. Bar staff and Shereif the best. Valet outstanding. Never once was not asked and welcomed by management. Five stars from the Miers family. Wishing success in future.