New Nick & Sam’s Grill Names New Chef: Richard Blankenship

A soldier of fortune is a man called Palladino. Joseph Palladino.

Mike “Thrilla InTha” Hiller reports former Charlie Palmer at the Joule chef, the talented Richard Blankenship, will head the kitchen at the new Nick & Sam’s Grill. What is the new Nick & Sam’s Grill you ask? The one replacing Ristorante Nicola just south of Preston Center near the Park Cities.The new Nick & Sam’s Grill is the first partnership for Nicola’s owner Richard Gussoni and N&S bossman Joseph “Badda Bing” Palladino. They plan an early October opening. (Nicola’s up north is open for business) Hmm. Nick & Sam’s Grill, Sevy’s, Houston’s, Rathbun’s Blue Plate, (maybe) Tesar’s Spoon all within an olive toss of each other? Gonna be fun watching the numbers on this situation.


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    6135 Luther Lane, in Preston Center.

  • Rollette Schreckenghost

    If Rick Blankenship is in the kitchen the clients will keep coming back. Talented is an understatement!

  • Rusty Fenton

    Richard is one of the better chefs in Dallas, and a good man. I am looking forward to the opening!

  • Barry Monath

    Chef Blankenship’s time has come. He is a dedicated Culinarian who is passionate about his craft. He aspires to improve yet remains effective.

  • Jules Landley

    Looking forward to Rick’s food in this area. Can’t wait for them to open. Isn’t Joe the retired NYPD who donated all the revenue from Nick & Sam’s one night to the 911 fund? Classy act.