Hypnotic Donuts Hosts “Beat the Heat – World’s Spiciest Donut” Eating Contest

Not spicy but delicious. (Photography by Desiree Espada)

How long before extreme eating is an Olympic sport? Or synchronized slugging? Or…well I could go on and create a slew of categories for the Eating Olympics because I am on deadline, but instead, I will regurgitate a press release. Here goes:

Hypnotic Donuts [ed note; gorgeous donut pics on that link] is putting on their inaugural “Beat the Heat – World’s Spiciest Donut” eating contest.The contest is designed around the hot Dallas temperatures in August and the numerous people that eat or buy Hypnotic Donuts various spicy donuts- Mexico, Hell Fire and Devil’s Death Dance (World’s Spiciest Donut). The contest will start with a regular donut and as each donut is eaten the donut progressively becomes spicier.

Jump for more. (What about dirty forking, dumpster diving, or the back strap?

Contestants will have 10 minutes to eat as many donuts as they can.

The winner will be crowned “Beat the Heat – World’s Spiciest Donut” Champion and awarded a trophy and the distinction of the inaugural winner.  Plus the winner will receive a free Mexico donut a week until the end of the year.

Entry fee is $10.  To register email [email protected] or sign up at the store.


Contest:  Beat the Heat spicy hot donut eating contest.

Date:  August 25th, 2012

Time:  1pm

Location:  Hypnotic Donuts- 9007 Garland Rd, Dallas TX 75218

Contact:  [email protected]