Gladys Aston, Matriarch of Aston’s Bakery, Died on Monday

Gladys Aston passed away on Monday August 20 after a long illness. She was 75. Gladys worked side by side with her husband Richard, and later her daughter Mary Miller making cakes for the residents of the Park Cities and Dallas at the now 78-year old Aston’s Bakery.

Born in Minnesota on March 28th 1937, Gladys Irene Johnson was the 11th of 12 children. Her parents were small farmers. She worked at National Foods as a baker, and met Richard Aston who was doing an internship for Dunwoody College. They married, and in 1970 moved with their daughter Mary to Dallas where Richard’s father had opened Aston’s Bakery in 1934.

This afternoon Amy Severson stopped by the bakery and spoke with Mary. Mary said that even when her mother was no longer able to come into the bakery, she would call several times a day to find out if everything was being handled correctly. Her mother’s concern for taking care of their customers extended to her dying wish to her husband: “If I die overnight on a workday, please don’t call Mary [to help me] because there’s nothing she can do and she needs to get them [customers] their cakes.” When Mary took over the day-to-day operations and moved it to Lovers Lane, she became the first of the third generation to run the bakery.

Gladys is survived by her husband, Richard, daughter Mary and husband Jeff Miller, and grandchildren Garrett and Mallory. Services will he held on Monday, August 27th, 1:00 at North Dallas Funeral Home. Donations in Gladys’ memory may be made to either Operation Kindness or The Family Place.


  • Andrew Chalk

    She must have inculcated the right values into the younger generation. I got a German chocolate cake there two weeks ago for someone’s birthday. Not only was it a superior cake but they came through after another baker let me down so I will be a customer for life.

  • twinwillow

    I hope they won’t close. They’re (arguably) the very best cake bakery in Dallas.

  • twinwillow

    My deepest sympathies to her family and friends.

  • BradT

    I have been going to Aston’s for over thirty years and dealt with Mrs Aston on many occassions. She was always a delight. Nobody makes a jalapeno cheese bread like they do and their dinner rolls were the stars of many a Thanksgiving and Christmas meal at our house. In fact, I always request an Aston’scake for every birthday. Our family is praying for the Aston family. They can take great pride in Gladys and their wonderful family.

  • Daisy M

    The matriarch of the bakery was LaVeda Aston, who was married to Bill Aston, the founder of Aston’s English Bakery. Mary is the daughter of only Gladys and is not blood related to the Astons. Richard Aston is the son of Bill and LaVeda and had two children, both of whom grew up working in the bakery and had extraordinarily fond memories of being a part of its success. Whereas the third generation bloodline no longer a part of the day to day operations, the memories of Bill and Laveda and their generosity to a community resonate stongly to this day.

  • Daisy M

    Cont…and knowing that the bakery is still being run and providing delicious treats to the Dallas aea would have pleased both Bill and Laveda!

  • Amy S

    Thank you Daisy. Mary did tell me Richard became her step-father when she was very young. And that in every way she always felt he was her father, as he was the only man who raised her. Bloodline seems a rather sharp way to define the succession of the business to the woman who continues on in her parents and grandparents memory. But yes, I think Bill and Laveda would be proud of the work Mary has done as well as Richard and Gladys’ accomplishments over the years.

  • Linda Ecker

    Aston’s has been a part of our family’s celebrations for about 30 years. Also the wonderful champagne cake, that they are so well known for, has been on the top of our list! God bless Mary as she carries on her family’s
    business and passion. We pray comfort for Mary and her Dad, Richard Aston, & her children. We love this bakery and they have done very large jobs for us, 9 sheet cakes at once for large banquets. They never disappoint.

  • Lori S

    Astons Bakery’s Champagne Cake was the hit of my wedding. Their brownies and petit fours are my very favorite! Gladys Aston was a hoot! I loved her “tell it like it is” attitude. And, she had an unbelievable work ethic! She was always busy working in the back whenever I stopped in. As far as Daisy M’s comments go… Grow Up!! This lovely lady, who works full time running a business and raising a family, just lost her mother. Do you really feel that it’s necessary to bring up “blood line”??

  • Daniel

    Aston’s bakes amazing cakes for my restaurant, and I have worked with Mary when she needed extra hands for years now. She and her Dad (Richard is her Dad in every meaningful way) still turn out product that people want to eat and is not wasted.

    Having used Aston’s for every family event for 45 years, and now having worked with Mary for 8 years or so, I can say that I have never seen the children Daisy M refers to. But Richard and Mary work side by side to keep the history of the bakery and the traditions of thousands of Dallas families alive every day.

    I will miss seeing Gladys on occasion. Her ethic and spirit lives on her daughter and grandkids.

  • Laura Sears

    What memories!!! I worked at Aston’s for several years in the early 70s while at HPHS! When Mary was a tiny little girl, she would come home with me for an hour on the weekends for lunch and to play with my dogs…I would make funny signs to place on the door for the weekly specials for the old store in Preston Center. My wedding cake was a giant pink champange cake from Aston’s, and I still love all the bread and gingerbread men! God bless the family.

  • John Field Family

    Our deepest and most profound sympathies go out to the wonderful Aston Family and friends. Your family is such a part of so many others’ lives and have spread so much joy to others. May God bless y’all.