• Lee

    We had a couple of meals at Boulevardiere. The good news is that this place is terrific, with excellent marks for food, service and atmosphere. Surely, it will be the new hot spot of Bishop Arts, if it isn’t already (packed every night). The bad news is that the parking situation down there is just getting worse and worse. There is a valet and that helps. Over the course of the two meals, we tasted fresh oysters, an amazing charcuterie featuring beef tongue pastrami, delicious picked vegetables, the best cassoulet I have ever had (new signature dish of Dallas), and steak with perfect bistro frites. The roasted chicken dish was also good, but not outstanding. The mussels were ok the first time and excellent the second time. The drinks and wine service are great too. These guys have nailed it.

  • CCB

    Had a mediocre experience at Start on Greenville on Saturday. Our order consisted of pita chips with hummus and two blueberry-pomegranate smoothies, and it took more than 35 minutes to get our food. We got the pita/hummus first, then about 20 minutes later one smoothie arrived, and it took another 15 minutes to get the second smoothie.

    I think that Start has potential to fulfill their ‘real food fast’ mission, but they need to work out the kinks in service/timing. I will give them a few months before trying again.

  • todd

    Dinner at Brix Bar & Grill in Downtown Plano. Burgers were very good and cooked correctly to order. Juicy beef with a nice char and perfect ratio of shredded lettuce to all other components. I was pleasantly surprised by how spicy the grilled jalapenos were. Fresh potato chips and truffle oil are also a winner. The setting and atmosphere of this place is really nice and I hope it catches on.

  • PF

    Brunch at Smoke – creative and delicious.
    Brunch at The Grape – as always, they did a good job both in the kitchen and in the dining room.
    Dinner at Salum- tried the RW menu. Some items were familiar from the monthly menu, others unique for RW. Portions were generous, service was terrific from Wendy, and everything out of the kitchen was a hit. Bravo.

  • I provided the wine service for a fundraiser auction dinner last night with some of Dallas’ best Chef’s each providing a course. Aside from the food being awesome, hanging in the kitchen with these guys is a real hoot! The comraderie between the top chefs in Dallas is tremendous.

    Richard Chamberlain – Chamberlain’s Steak & Chop House & Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill
    Paddlefish Caviar Crostini with Creme Fraiche and Microgreens
    Krug Grand Cuvee Champagne
    Not sure of his source, but this was the best paddlefish caviar I have ever tasted, reminded be of a top sevruga

    Samir Dhurandhar – Nic and Sam’s Steakhouse
    Duck & Foie Gras Tortellini
    Loring Pinot Noir Cargassachi 2010
    The silky, smooth pasta was stuffed with duck confit and Foie Gras, served in an elegant duck consomme with slivered duck breast and topped with shaved black truffles. The delicous bouquet emanating from the presentation bowls could be smelled across the room!

    Jim Severson – Sevy’s Grill
    Seafood & Corn Three Ways
    Tor Kenward Chardonnay Torchiana 2010
    Pan Seared Shrimp and Scallops served over Lobster grits with a corn cream sauce and garnished with Popcorn Shoots and crisp fried Fennel. Decadently rich without being heavy, the mineral and marine flavors of the seafood contrasted wonderfully with the earthiness of the grits and was rounded out by the creamy sauce. The fried fennel added a fantastically fun and crunchy element to the dish.

    David Holbein – Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse
    Beef Tenderloin with Humboldt Fog Grits, Fig Medley and Pomegranite Sauce
    The Tenderloin was perfectly cooked – tender, silky and rosy throughout – and served on a bed of Humboldt Fog Chevre grit (grits milled in Waco). A trio of Texas figs (Black, Mission and I can’t remember the 3rd) was lightly sauteed and added a wondefrfully earthy component to the dish along with deft touch of sweetness. A light pomegranite sauce completed the dish by adding a touch of acidity for counterpoint.

    Aside from the double grits faux pas (g), it was a fantastic meal.

  • Oops!
    Lewis Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2009 was served with the Tenderloin.

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  • Mandinka

    Dinner at Shinsei; service was TERRIBLE. Absolutely the worst. Food was mediocre.