• alyb803

    Friday night: Acme F&B. Cocktails were spot on, and the “amuse-booze” aperitif was refreshing. Started by splitting a dozen West Oysters. I went with beef tartare as my main, my husband had the pork loin. Our dinner companions had the beef special and the scallops–all plates were spotless by the end of the meal. Love their wine list –interesting selections and low markup. Saturday: Lakewood Brewing Company keg-tapping at Goodfriend, followed by drinks at Bar Belmont and a jaunt to Bishop Arts to check out Boulevardier. Oh.My. Yeah, it’s that good. We only had apps, but wow. Oysters again, followed by the charcuterie “Big Board”–can’t say enough good things about it. Expert wine service–spot on recommendation.

  • Eagles

    Made the mistake of going to Malarkey’s Tavern in Addison for trivia night….the worst food and service on the planet! I ordered potato soup and it tasted worse than canned. DO NOT go there, ever!

  • Multiple visits to Boulevardier.
    BLVD = Da Bomb.

  • twinwillow

    Lunch today at Celebration Restaurant. Outstanding chopped meat stuffed Hatch pepper with cheese and all the fixuns. Celebration is still the best lunch in Dallas!

  • todd

    Went to Jack Mac’s Swill & Grill last Sunday. Tasty thin crust pizza, though it could have been crispier, and the AC was not working very well. I’ll definitely go back, and if the AC is working, I’ll stay and order something.

  • Tr

    A few days in Oregon touring (ok, spending money at) wineries. (anne ami and couer de terre were standouts). Saturday night dinner in Portland at Veritable Quandry was exquisite. VQ opened in the late 80’s and is still a fresh, vibrant NW-local restaurant. Salmon, fresh local wild mushrooms, berries etc. One of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. Community Plate and the Red Fox Bakery in McMinneville were lovely. Breakfast omelette at the Cup and Saucer (SE Portland) was also notable, as was the Dungeness crab at the Goose Hollow Inn (aka the mayor’s bar, SW Portland).

    The summer Saturday morning farmer’s market in the Park Blocks was simply amazing. An orgy of locovore food in a region known for that. First breakfast, then a return a few hours later for lunch.

    The shop Bennessere is an interesting, over the top, concept. Vats and vats of high end oils and vinegars which you can taste before buying.Yeah, its also on the web.

    I checked my bag home not for wine (FedEx in the Fall) but for the blueberry vinegar and some selections from Bennessere.

    I saw about a hundred food trucks, most parked permanantly in rows in vacant squares of asphalt (Portland capped its parking spaces long ago). Most looked sadly unappetizing, especially compared to the bricks and mortar dives there that do fast, low cost ethnic so well. It would take some dedication (and a strong stomach) to work your way through that scene; maybe having fewer, better trucks is preferable.

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