• Such a delight to find another wonderful and inexpensive restaurant. Their beignets were to die for and I really enjoyed their strawberry salad (to balance the dessert). We’ll be back again!

  • Gipson

    Lots of good food at the Gipson household this week. It felt good to be on a normal schedule and do some cooking. Didn’t really eat out anywhere, though.

    Cane Rosso tonight before the MC Chris show at the Door. Haven’t been since the spot on Triple D. Is it still possible to get into this place?

  • Golfnfashion

    Was pleasantly surprised at Sundown at Granada. An unplanned visit will result in many returns. Very good, shareable plates. Good vibe without being so loud you couldn’t hold a conversation. Good beer assortment. Pleasant service at the bar. The meatballs with fig and blue cheese were excellent. The grilled cheese different than any I’ve had in town. The sweet potato fries exceptional. With parking scarce, I will probably only visit during the week, but nice to have a new place to go.

  • alyb803

    Sunday evening we had another outstanding Cafe Momentum dinner at Central 214 with chef Graham Dodds. He worked with the young men to produce a wonderful summer dinner, featuring an arugula/parmesan/lemon/olive oil salad; red snapper with artichokes, grapes and Ajo Blanco; PBR braised beef cheeks w/ jalapeno cornbread and avocado/sunflower sprout slaw with a goat ricotta cheesecake for dessert. Wine pairings furnished by Oak Cliff Cellars. Congratulations to Chad Houser as he leaves Parigi to become Cafe Momentum’s Executive Director.
    Last night we checked out the new August menu at The Grape–wonderful as always. I had the Lemley’s tomato/lump crab salad followed by grilled shrimp with blue corn/green onion cakes. My husband also had the tomato/crab salad followed by roast pork loin (the staff favorite of the new menu items). Dessert was a black plum dartois. Thursdays are a bargain–1/3 off bottles of wine.

  • Erin Ahlfinger

    Had dinner at Princi Italia last night. The black fig and gorgonzola bruschette with balsamic reduction is awesome. The rainbow trout with crab meat and spinach was good, but not as good as the Fettuccini di Mare I has last time.

  • Bruce

    We ate dinner last Friday at Smoke. All of the plates were amazing. I recommend the sweetbreads, cabrito and the Berkshire pork chop. I am going back for the pork chop!

  • Liz G.

    Finally got to Katz’s Deli in NYC…reputation well deserved. Pastrami has ruined me for any other.
    Also went to the West Side Steakhouse there where they have a bacon appetizer that dreams are made of. (The rest of it was just meh!)

    Locally, I finally got to Baboush and thoroughly enjoyed it. Music was lovely and their food and service were excellent. Great Sunday evening meal.

  • twinwillow

    Wednesday lunch with the gang at Tesoro (Peruvian) in Irving. Totally, meh!

    Pecan Lodge at 2:00PM today. No line but, they were already out of brisket. However, I was given a free sausage for my trouble. The ribs were very good but, very salty.
    The pulled pork was “to die for”. Next time I’ll order a larger portion.

  • twinwillow

    @Liz G. Did you sit where “Harry & Sally” sat?

  • Milk&Cookies

    Nonna, great when Julian is cooking (he was).
    The squash carpaccio is a perfect summer starter. Want it now.
    Also the Porch, always love the fish special
    and the cold cucumber soup was perfect.
    The critic at DMN (the one that used the words
    love and lovely 6 times in her review today) gave
    it only 2 stars but never really explained why.

  • DDD

    Sissy’s was a huge disappointment and I will not go back. The service was terrible – it took 40 minutes to get our drinks from the bar, but in that time, we ordered deviled eggs (good, not great) and ate them all. Still not drinks. Sat at a rickety old table with uncomfortable chairs and got fried chicken (tasted great) and greens (meh) and still had to wait 40 for food. It was incredibly loud and dark, a very unpleasant experience. We (four adults) wanted dessert but because the entire evening took so long and it was unpleasant, we left. We tried to correct the situation by asking Bob our server in the scotch room to bring our drinks and, after 35 minutes, he didn’t. One of our guests asked him to bring the drinks AND comp them, and he finally brought them. Then, when dinner services was excruciatingly slow, my husband went to ask for a manager and the three ladies standing around admiring the plates on the wall scrammed – and one of those ladies with Lisa Garza. Poor form. We all liked the food but not the experience.

  • Liz G.

    Twinwillow, I did not…but I got a picture of the sign pointing it out!

  • The Guy

    Yep, Katz’s is the best. And speaking of potato salad…

    I’ve been in Dallas for around 30 years, and am always on the prowl for the city’s best cole slaw and potato salad. I think I may have found the latter. While I like Cindy’s Deli, Henks and Kuby’s versions, I think Eden Cafe might have them beat.

    Went for lunch last week, and got the prime rib french dip, which was great as always. Wasn’t in the mood for their compose salad, though, so they let me switch it out for their potato salad, which is similar to NY Deli style. Very, very fresh tasting. Also took home some five-layer fudge cake and their Chocolate Mousse cake, both of which came with a chocolate covered strawberry and freshly whipped cream. Yum. Diet starts today, ends around halloween.

  • joeat

    @The Guy, you and I have a lot in common, I search for potato salad, slaw and corn bread. Rarely ever find any except Celebration for corn bread. I will soon check out Eden. Thanks for the tip.