First Day of School: Bento Boxes for Kids

Peanut bento (via

I just stumbled upon the cutest blog ever made for mommies, Since today is the first day of school for most kids in Dallas, this means all you parents out there are packing school lunches every morning for your offspring. (Handing your kid a Lunchable doesn’t really count as putting in effort.) If you’re serious about packing healthy, nutritious lunches for your children, take a look at some of these ideas from Shannon Carino, blogger and extraordinaire.


Carino, a previous Frisco citizen, was one of us North Texans before moving to Fort Carson, Colorado, where she now resides with her husband and two little Texans, Faith and Ben. Feel free to goggle at these cute bento boxes she’s been making since 2007, and get started with your own bento by following her tips here.

Happy Crabby Bento (via

Happy Crabby Bento


Froggie Field Day Bento


National Grilled Cheese Day Bento