Eat This Now: Driftwood’s Maine Lobster Roll

Maine lobster roll with truffle potato gaufrettes (photo by Kevin Hunter Marple)

As seen in our August 2012 issue.

Lobster salad: Fresh Maine lobster is poached, chilled, and broken into pieces. It is then mixed with an aioli fortified wtih shallot, fennel gherkins, parsley, tarragon, chervil, and chives.

Garnish: The roll is topped and the plate is garnished with tomato powder.

Bread: Brioche from Empire Baking Company is trimmed to size and toasted with clarified butter.

Gaufrettes: A mandoline is used to slice the thin gaufrettes (waffle chips). They are soaked in ice water overnight and fried at a low temperature until golden brown. Once out of the fryer, the chips are seasoned with fleur de sel and lightly sprayed with fresh truffle-infused oil to give them a slight truffle aroma.