Campania in West Village is Closing on August 29

Seems like yesterday that Campania Pizza broke open the Dallas pizza scene with their Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant on McKinney. Today Dallas Eater is reporting the once popular pie joint is closing after seven years in business on August 29. Their Facebook page says they lost their lease. Will they rise again? Stay tuned. Southlake location is aprire.


  • uptown

    i like the pizza at campania but now i drive over to cane rosso

  • Pizza Rita

    Wonder what will go into that space? It was a good neighbor with the forzen yogurt place – get your pizza then get your dessert.

  • Randy

    It had gone way downhill since the early days. Still sad to see it go, though.

  • Aimee

    argh! Sad face!

  • twinwillow

    I must agree with all the above. I loved them when they first opened. But then I grew tired of the taste of their pizza. Then when Cane Rosso opened, it was like nailing their coffin shut.

  • I think the park will be great. “Better than what it was,”

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  • Jo Bennett

    Ah yes the fickle food public!

  • twinwillow

    @jaspreet: If your lousy construction business was really any good, you wouldn’t need to feed us your bull$hit S-P-A-M!

  • Matt

    This place went downhill big time. Their Quattro Formaggi the used to be my favorite pie in town, but it became clear over the years that they were cutting costs. The big pools of mozzarella and gorgonzola that made it so great got smaller and then turned into sparse, barely discernable shreds and crumbles. The crust got really inconsistent. Thankfully, Cane Rosso filled the void that their dip in quality created.

  • Everytime I took a bite of Campania’s pizza it reminded me of when I was in Florence… I don’t understand the love of Cano Rosso though. I have gone quite a few times and it has never lived up to the hype.