Bon Appétit Features Two DFW Eateries in its “Top 50 Best New Restaurants of 2012”

by Desiree Espada

Holy cow, Bon Appétit just named Oak and Woodshed Smokehouse as two of its Top 50 Best New Restaurants of 2012. Oak comes in at #29, and this is what the magazine has to say about it:

This swanky Design District spot is home to what might be Big D’s most talented restaurant trio: chef Jason Maddy, pastry chef Sarah Green, and bartender Abraham Bedell. Expect global flavors with definite Germanic leanings—think schnitzel, strudel, and spaetzle.


Grilled Bandera quail; quark spaetzle; Gianduja chocolate panna cotta


A huge oak tree outside the restaurant inspired the name and decor, including wallpaper and a projected tree image that changes with the seasons.

by Kevin Marple

Woodshed Smokehouse, which TG reviewed for this month’s issue, was #46. Bon Appétit completely forgot to mention the ramen that TG so loves. How could they?

You’ll know chef Tim Love’s latest spot by the dozens of picnic tables fronting on Fort Worth’s beautiful Trinity River trails. The open-air, waterfront restaurant does Texas ‘cue two ways: “Traditional Q” and “New Q”, with nods to Mexico. The food is monumental; bring a small village to help you out.


16-hour smoked beef shin; chicken skin tacos


Curious about what’s in the smoker? Just check the flag flying at the entrance.

Congrats to our two photographers, Desiree Espada and Kevin Hunter Marple, for their featured photos in the article! SideDish+ Desiree + Kevin = 4eva.


  • Thank you, Thank you! Love you all!

  • Andrew Knowlton had a live chat about the Top 50 editorial over on the Bon Appétit Magazine FB page yesterday. He had this to say in response to a comment asking about Dallas’ dining scene:

    “I went to Dallas, Fort Worth and I’ve had some good meals there in the past few year
    s. I liked Smoke ( and Bolsa, I also liked Tei-an ( But I gotta say that I think for whatever reason Dallas isn’t up to Austin and Houston when it comes to independent, non-corporate restaurants. How is the city reacting to Craft closing?