3rd Annual Veggie Fair: Meat Free and Fried

October 21st the 3rd annual Texas State Veggie Fair will return to Dallas, boasting their continued vegan fried foods competition where all things fried are good, and all things meat are bad.

The family friendly event will move to Reverchon Park near downtown this year starting at 11am with vendors selling everything from vegan corn dogs, vegan Frito pie and funnel cakes, as well as live music, games and activities.  Last year the event drew about 2,500 attendees.

Sponsored by DallasVegan.com to promote the growing vegan trend in Dallas while giving attendees the opportunity to  learn about living in a cruelty (to animals)-free lifestyle.

This year promises a fun-filled day of cooking demos, guest speakers (including Gene Baur, nationally renowned vegan activist, author, and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, N.Y.,) carnival games and lots of fried food.  Even if you’re a meat eater who doesn’t celebrate a the beauty of anything fried?