Two Restaurants to Open at Klyde Warren Park. Lark is One

Imagine Me and You, I do: Just in time for cool October nights, The Park in Dallas.

The developers of Klyde Warren Park (The Park) have been busy building the 5-acre green space that covers Woodall Rogers Freeway. The area will connect the Arts District and downtown with Uptown. The $110 million dollar attraction will feature fountains, a botanical garden, a performance stage, a children’s garden, real trees and grasses, and a dog park. I’ve had my nose to the ground since they started trying to dig up the scoop on the restaurants that will be granted rights to serve at, on, or around The Park.

I’ve heard rumors (many) the main restaurant will be operated by Wolfgang Puck’s catering operation which already has a stranglehold on most of the Art’s District concessions. This morning I got confirmation on a new chef-driven restaurant that will open at 2000 McKinney. It’s called Lark (on the Park). The owner, as it should be, is long-(long)-time-Dallasite-veteran-restaurateur-and-reformed-party boy, Shannon Wynne. He of the Moth, Flying Fish, Flying Saucer and other flying related concepts.

“Plans today suggest Chef Nick Amoriello will be going over there from the Moth,” Wynne says. “We will be interviewing additional chefs for Lark where we plan to present non-cute food.” What does he mean by non-cute food? “No mac and cheese or mamas fried chicken. Just good meals at a fair price.” When I asked him to expand his thoughts a little he said: “The beer program at the Moth will not be traveling to Lark as there is room for only one deluxe gastro pub  in Dallas, but Lark promises more wines and mixed drinks. We are slated to open in December or early January.” Fearing he’d hang up on me, I pressed on. What about the interior? (Wynne designs his own spaces) Just before the line went dead he said, “The interior is a secret. Dallas illustrators will be heavily featured.”

That’s all I got. But I have to say it’s always good news when a unique Dallas project adds other unique Dallas project to the mix. Or The Park in this case.

UPPITY DATE: My initial post flushed an elusive ivory-billed woodpecker from the bushes. It calls: “Wolfgang Puck was a smoke screen.  John Muse of Hicks and Muse fame will be opening a restaurant there.”


  • joeat

    I am very confused. 2000 McKinney has nothing to do with the park. Perry’s address is also 2000 McKinney.

  • lakewoodhobo

    @joeat, this is the opposite end of 2000 McKinney that faces the park and has been empty since construction. Actually, it faces the back of the restaurant to be buit in the park, so it won’t have the best views. Still, more restaurants around the park means more people taking a stroll there before or after lunch and dinner.

  • Richard

    No Museum Tower in the rendering, don’t we all wish.

  • BOB

    The other resto will be Savor and Relish. Deets:

  • lakewoodhobo

    @BOB, I had not heard about Relish & Savor. Thanks for the link.

  • Doogie

    Great! A park that has 2 restaurants and a large lawn area to sit on your ass. A park is designed for activities. This wasted space is a continuation of what Dallas has been doing for the longest time. Nothing…

  • Hi Bill, thanks for the info. If you have more, could you email me please. Nice to hear from you.

  • BOB

    @Nancy Nichols, not Bill but have seen renders.

  • pat austin

    get ready for the trees to start dying. City of Dallas plants them, then walks away. Did you know we have a City Arborist? He needs to be replaced with a crew of people with hoses and watering trucks. City dug up mature trees on Hillcrest medians to put in left turn lanes between Northwest Highway and Royal Lane. Were to replant. Most of the first planting died. No water. Two years later, they replanted some of the dead tree areas. Again, most died. There are still some remants sticking up. They will stay there until they fall over onto the streets and then trash man will pick up. Dallas plants them, then lets them die.Will the Park be any different? Is Belo Garden any different?

  • Bill

    I wish Mr. Muse all the luck but I’m doubtful this space is viable. They shopped it to every chef and operator in Dallas and beyond and the numbers just didn’t add up. If they are taking it from the point of view of providing an amenity, not a profit center, they won’t be disappointed. If not, get ready for the revolving restaurant door to start spinning.

  • Darryl

    How about a beer garden like Munich’s Englischer Garten….