Tonight Only: Snapper Throats at Urbano Café in East Dallas

No tongues, no cheeks, just throats. Snapper throats.

Wow, what a day for East Dallas in the race to be the hippest section of Dallas. The Kaufman’s of Urbano Café have teamed up with Captain Jon Alexis of TJ’s Seafood Market and together they have scored a batch of snapper throats. “Some say it’s the best white meat on the planet!, says chef Mitch Kaufman. “TJ’s Seafood helped us find this delicacy and we’re cooking it up tonight, lightly dusted with flour and sauteed with lemon, garlic, salt and pepper.”


  • Kudos to Mitch…this is all his project. We just helped him find what he was looking for.

    We hope its part of a larger trend to eat all the best parts of a fish. At TJ’s we’re starting to get more requests for FISH COLLARS, so much so we’re now cutting them fresh and vac-packing them for the retail freezer.

    Is Dallas ready for deep friend swim bladders? Probably not.

  • OMG
    “BJ for TJ” = Best Tag EVER!
    literal spit take

  • hopefully my out of town wife doesn’t take it literally…