Sushi Axiom Offers New Menu

Strawberry Stars with fresh mint and strawberry (left); Crab Puffer with three crispy wonton skins (right) photos by Melisa Oporto

Sushi Axiom on Henderson in Dallas has new owners and a new menu. Last night they hosted a media tasting event to show some of their new dishes. Highlights included a ‘Crab Puffer’ (crispy wonton skins with a filling of crab, cream cheese, and onion) that many could call crab Rangoon. The filling was sublime. Cucumber sunomono–thin slices of cucumber in rice wine dressing with a slice of octopus and a shrimp–was also outstanding. Tuna was served two ways: One with Cajun tuna nigiri accompanied by toro nigiri. We asked for, and got, some pickled ginger which got amazing applause in its own right as well as being a good match with the tasty tuna. Jump for more.

Axiom Roll - Yellow soy wrapped salmon, crab, and avocado topped with tuna, wasabi cream, and spicy mayo.
Chicken Pad Thai - Stir Fry with scallions, bean sprouts, and fresh tamarind.

The next course consisted of special rolls: Lobster dynamite was crispy lobster on top of crab and cream cheese (an indulgent combination by any metric);  Mount Axiom was crab meat, tempura tiger tail shrimp, cucumber, cream cheese draped with kani kama (imitation crab meat made from e.g. Pollack) and topped with four sauces; Axiom Roll consisted of yellow soy wrapped salmon, crab and avocado topped with tuna, wasabi cream and spicy mayo. This was the best course and the lobster dynamite was my favorite dish.

Lobster Dynamite - Spicy baked crispy lobster on top of crab with cream cheese.

We finished the savory section with chicken pad thai (a stir fry of scallions, bean sprouts and fresh tamarind). Dessert was a mochi sampler: One red bean ice cream and one green tea. This was an appropriate way to finish the evening.

Mochi Sampler - red bean (left) strawberry (center), and green tea (right), with whip cream made in house.

The wine list has some respectable wines on it. For example, Cakebread Chardonnay and Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. Prices are about 2-2.5 times retail. Also available is a selection of cocktails. We enjoyed a well-made strawberry martini. It may seem axiomatic but Sushi Axiom serves mainstream sushi but offers a better drink selection than in most sushi bars. This is all in an edgy scene illuminated by lots of indirect blue lighting.