Suddenly Silent: John Tesar Has Disappeared From Dallas

Missing In Action: Is John Tesar channeling his inner heirloom tomato fetish in India or hanging with Kathryn Jackson in Arizona?

I’ve cruised past the construction site of John Tesar’s new restaurant, Spoon in Preston Center, several times this month and noticed zero activity. The permits were not on the windows and there was no construction taking place. Yesterday I checked Tesar’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, then texted and called him, and nothing. Last night I spoke with his rep, Bev Garvin. She says all is well and construction is “back underway.” They are preparing to knock down the front of the space and, after that, “expect a six-to-eight week turnaround.”

I asked her Tesar’s whereabouts and she giggled a bit. “I can’t tell you,” she said. “I only get to talk to him when they allow him access to phones or when they let him have phones.”

After I lifted my jaw off my desk, I asked, “Well, should I check the roster at Betty Ford Clinic or San Quentin?” She giggled again, nervously. “No, it’s all good I can’t tell you. If you poke around you might find out more.” She did say he would be back in Dallas on July 31.

I don’t feel like poking, so let’s play “Where’s John Tesar?” Prize worth $100 to the winner. (Some people, and you know who you are, are not eligible to play.)

I am going out on a long white oak limb here: Meditating in India.

Okay, your turn, GO!


  • Epifanio

    Bellevue Hospital, NYC.

  • Darren

    Contestant on Hell’s Kitchen Masters

  • I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you.
    Suffice to say – you are just feeding into the master plan.
    It’s going to be a fun fall season!

  • Jean Val Jean

    Yeah, I say contestant on some Food Network show.

  • Hospitality Instructor

    Heard he was going to be on the next season of Top Chef. They are EXTREMELY secretive about filming, locations, contestants, etc. I am pretty sure that is it.

  • KerryDP


  • Underglass

    Spotted at Pike Place fish Market with Stefan Richter a couple weeks ago.

  • Amy S

    Hey Nancy, it looks like some new food operation is going in across from Spoon, in the old Larry North complex. I believe the space is being subdivided, with possibly 2 food retailers located within. Oh and the Black Eyed Pea (next to Spoon – the former Gordo’s spot) is now open, and busy from the looks of it.

  • Reality TV show.

  • Underglass

    …not just Tesar, another young Dallas chef was seen up there.

  • i have a question that i’d love to hear people’s feedback on – if the people above are correct and he is on a reality TV contest (i’m not saying it is)…

    …is it fair pit someone as accomplished as Tesar (5 star Mansion, etc) v. young up and comers?

    to be clear, i am not insulting someone of his caliber for going on a show. More power to him! I’m questioning: does it make for good (or “fair) television?

    Factual follow up – has there ever been a chef with that kind of resume on a show like the ones suggested above?

  • Lee

    Is there an award for PR types? Whoever does his PR is the best in the business. His flakiness is more of a story than his food. I bet you next big promotion will be an over/under bet as to how long Spoon lasts before it joins the John Tesar trail of tears. I would say 3 months and 6 days. Then, they will announce its closing for “reconcepting” but it will never open again. He will then be a consultant in Sonoma for a while as D breathlessly awaits his return to Dallas.

  • John

    According to his Foursquare he “Checked-In” at Tei-An six hours ago. That would have made it 4am which is odd, but not surprising with the secrecy around whatever it is that he is doing.

  • John

    According to his Foursquare he “Checked-In” at Tei-An six hours ago. That would have made it 4am which is odd, but not surprising with the secrecy around whatever it is that he is doing.

  • Rob

    He is probably doing the Extreme Chef Masters Filming since he won the preliminary round

    Amy S – Hopdaddy Burgers is going across from Spoon and Baker Brothers next to that and then a new gym

  • SideDishFan

    He’s in LA filming the next season of Bravo’s Top Chef. That’s where the next season is being shot.

  • bluebird

    Top Chef benefits from drama, which he seems more than willing to deliver. Must-see TV for sure.

  • Kirk


  • Hospitality Instructor

    The burger place (if it’s the same as the original in Austin) is called Hopdoddy, after the beer ingredient and apparently the Irish nickname for a cow. Consequently, the burgers are ground on-site(you can watch) and is one of my top 3 burger memories. Top, TOP notch. I am geeked if this is really coming to the D.

  • Friend

    I know for a fact Spoon has all its permits and construction will be starting this week when my friend returns from a TV project he has been shooting so is that good enough ? Or some of you still want to say some more nasty made up stuff?

  • Underglass

    Umm “SideDishFan” expand your horizons and do a little googling:

  • RVS

    Hey Friend, do you need a tissue?

  • Hospitality Instructor

    Wasn’t my comment but based on track record, that isn’t so much “nasty made up stuff” as it is relatively realistic forecasting of events to come. There are some patterns here. Just being honest.

  • M

    Hats off to him if what everyone speculate is true. At least he is keeping Dallas food scene interesting. In addition, such exposure will surely benefit the Dallas food scene as whole.

  • sc2020

    washing dishes at NHS.

  • el toro

    “Back in Dallas by July 31”, can we move before he gets back?

  • skydiver

    A couple of weeks ago, the folks at The Commissary had said that he had just inked the paperwork with Top Chef, so I’m guessing it starts shooting soon. (I know it was already said, just expanding on it).

  • Iris McCallister

    yes..agree with Brad..this will be the most fun I have had in a looong time…

  • DDD

    Tesar can do all of the reality shows in the world, but he’ll never be as successful as Guy Fieri.

  • it’s ed

    He is the new Bachelor. (come on, admit it. You would watch that)

  • Dallas Dude

    WHO CARES!!!

  • Dallas Girl

    Dallas Dude lots of us care about him,but we could care less about you.Very interesting and very talented chef and sexy too

  • Dan E

    The Bad Boy is probably shacked up at ZaZa with a, um, lady friend. Or two. It will be the next scandal to break in the culinary scene

  • Old worker

    Who cares! John T is a huge dick who can’t be trusted while sober or drunk which is a constant during the week while working for him. Hopefully he never comes back to Dallas.