Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Chicken Salad in Dallas

She’s looking for a restaurant or store that makes chicken salad “her way.” Why she doesn’t make it herself is a mystery but she asks you to pull out your crystal ball and make her life perfect. Hear her plea:

Hi Nancy! I know you get lots of questions but I am having a large (50+) baby shower for a friend and I want to serve an old fashioned chicken salad. I love my recipe which has shredded chicken, grapes, and almonds. I put a scoop inside a half a mango and serve. Do you know any big place that would make a batch like this for me? Would love it if you could ask your readers! Thanks!!!!

There is your task. Complete it.


  • Mattm

    Festive Kitchen in Snyder Plaza has some of the best chicken salas around!

  • Valerie

    Central Market has several varieties that are all good.

  • LJT

    Sounds a bit like Whole Foods’ Sonoma chicken salad.

  • Gmom

    La Duni – the best

  • Bill Heatley

    Sounds odd but Kroger makes some killer chicken salad in-house using their left over roasted chickens. It’s in the prepared food section of the deli. Very creamy, huge chunks of tender chicken. I’ve seen it with grapes but not nuts. I’m sure they would make up a batch to your specs if your doing 50.

  • allison

    I second the Sonoma chicken salad at Whole Foods. It has grapes and pecans, but maybe they would substitute almonds for a large batch. (Or you could stick with pecans.)

  • Uppercase Matt

    I don’t think she’s asking for places that make a good CS, I think she’s asking for someone who will make and serve HER recipe and presentation. Which is kind of the opposite of a “poor girl”.

  • justafoodie

    Best chicken salad in town is at Empire Bakery – they use Marty’s old recipe (RIP).

  • Chris

    Best chicken salad in town is Central Market’s

  • JoJo

    Two sister’s catering

  • JD

    I see some others have already mentioned Whoke Foods…I was going to share the same. They have one made with chicken, grapes and pecans and I’m almost sure the catering department would make it for you substituting almonds for the pecans. They are so accommodating!

  • primi timpano

    How do these people know how to email their questions but cannot google for the answers?

  • CC

    Sapphire’s Cafe in The Antique Gallery in Lewisville makes a killer Chicken Salad.

  • twinwillow

    Highland Park Pharmacy.

  • twinwillow

    And oh yeah, The Chocolate Angel at the High Street Antique Mall in Richardson. Great with their (best anywhere) tomato basil soup.

  • Alexandra

    Festive Kitchen in Snider Plaza! Hands down the best and it matches your description but they use cranberries instead of grapes!

  • JT4242

    Zoe’s is by far the best chicken salad I have ever had! Not fatty or mayonnaise-y at all. Just light and delicious!

  • Patty

    Best chicken salad is Empire Bakery!!! Good luck!