Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: The Commissary is Closed, Rhost Sold to Londoner

So says a customer who was there last night. According to said customer: “The show is over. Sunday was the last service. The space is leased to a local restaurateur.” Calling chef David McMillan.

Also heard Rhost on Greenville has been sold to The Londoner Pub.

UPPITY DATE: Incoming intel. Ziziki’s is going into Commissary space.


  • runDMC


  • Janice G.

    I love Chef McMillan. I can only hope he can clean up the venue. The Commissary spewed cooking grease out onto the walkway and parking lot almost from day 1. It was a hot mess.

  • runDMC

    You are welcome. Tapas (mezze) this time.

  • mpoe

    The Commissary sold several mos ago. IMO it’s just not the same without John Tesar at the helm. The new owner upped the prices on the menu by $1-$3….not cool. I live in One Arts and welcome a new restaurant in it’s place.

  • joeat

    From day one there was just something not right about the Commissary. No surprises it is closed. The last two times I was there for lunch I was the only person in the restaurant. Ziziki’s is always great and should do well. Can’t wait to check it out.

  • bluebird

    it’s sad that Tesar wasn’t able to stick around at the Commissary. it was a lot of fun when he was there and the food could be brilliant. the few random times i’ve peered in since he left, it looked dead.

  • wes

    So a Londoner is going to open across the street from the Dubliner?

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