Rumor Behind the Restaurant News: Ristorante Nicola is Closing for Remodel?

Someone with a big mouth let slip that Ristorante Nicola on Preston Road will be closing for a remodeling session. An email from Jef Tingley who represents the restaurant confirms this news: “Yes, Ristorante Nicola will be closing in August for remodeling and downscaling the concept. The exact dates, timeframe and furnishings are still being finalized…” Busy travel bee Jef promises more info to come.


  • Steve

    It sure looks like fun on that patio: 107 degrees, nice hot bowl of Alfredo, a decanter of boiling cab, and all that lovely Preston Road Traffic juxtaposed with the Centennial and the valet staff.

  • B E

    @Steve, Hillstone is on Preston and has the west sun. Do you really think that is the problem?

  • Billie

    “remodeling and downscaling the concept” is an interesting way of describing the future switch to Nick & Sam’s Grill.

  • Billie

    “remodeling and downscaling the concept” is an interesting way of describing the switch to a Nick & Sam’s Grill.

  • Do

    I wonder if they will change their valet service, which likes to steal the house keys from customers and then lie about it. I doubt it, since Ristorante Nicola and Culinaire International have their heads in the sand when it comes to customer service. Good riddance, what goes around comes around. (I hope!)

  • Jo Bennett

    What a very sad commentary on an otherwise previously good restaurant which should have either stayed in the Galleria or moved to North Park or stayed in Plano.It’s the wrong concept for the wrong area even though its a lovely physical restaurant.I hope they can in fact either get it together or move on to something that fits the times and the place.

  • Eagles

    I enjoyed the meal I had there, once. The place was way too big and felt too “commercial”. If they do decide to revamp they need to think cozy not Grand Lux.

  • joeat

    I tried it four times and there was just something that was never right. Maybe @Eagles hit it at being too commercial. Good looking place and good location but never worked and was always hard for me to figure anything to order – lunch or dinner. I always found it ti be really strange.

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