Lemon Bar Moving to Space Formerly Known as Alma

Two lemon bars.

Lemon Bar is leaving the West Village and moving to the space at 2822 Henderson Ave that was once Alma. A Lemon Bar staffer said that the lease at West Village had expired, and they were looking forward to being in a location where there was no landlord. West Village spokesperson said that they’ve been “inundated with phone calls” from businesses interested in going into that space, and that they’ll definitely looking to put a restaurant there. Meanwhile, nearly two years after plans were initially announced, the Frisco branch of Lemon Bar finally has an opening date: August 4. According to a post on Frisco Online:

The Frisco Lemon Bar is jointly owned with the World Cup Plaza landlords. I’m thinking the delays in opening the bar have only been cash flow related in finishing the build-out using their own funds. And the banks won’t finance big build-out money if your building is below certain occupancy levels. The landlords lost a ton on the previous bar (Scores) at that location and have been sitting on a lot of vacant office space in the World Cup Plaza buildings going back about 5 years now. But they’ve turned the corner just recently with a record amount of new office space leased (plus the coffee shop.) Congrats to them! The overall shortage of office space in Frisco has played well into their hands – so I’m assuming they now have the cash to move full speed ahead with the Frisco Lemon Bar since they’re starting to hire.


  • Jim

    Did this fall through? From Oct 2011

    “Consilient closed Alma today in order to take advantage of another opportunity for the property, the details of which will be announced in coming weeks. While it’s a straightforward business decision for the company, we feel a real sadness about closing Alma and deeply appreciate the customers, vendors and staff who supported the restaurant during its life.”

  • JS

    After once being suckered into looking at the Lemon Party website (for the love of God, don’t do it), I avoid all things associated with lemons!

  • N/A

    When is the move?

  • Gina

    Who cares. West village hates having a bar.

  • This is actually very good news for West Village. This is a perfect opportunity to bring in something that will compliment the other businesses that already have an established clientele. It would be really great to see something like another bookstore/cafe come in, but I know that’s close to an impossibility. More likely it will be another chain-type restaurant, or even a sports bar. The possibility of a live-music venue would be even more desirable, but also highly unlikely.

  • Jeff

    The new location will be great for lemon bar , live music and entertainment on the street. We also have a new partner chris mcguinness owner of dodies.
    The delay in frisco was due to a partner that got arrested and another that didn’t work out . It is now open and rocking .

  • Merlo

    Lemon Bar suuucks