Hot Dogs! Get Your Elevated Hot Dogs! Bowery in Dallas Opens Next Week!

Hot Dogs: John Paul Valverde, Tiffanee and Richard Ellman.

Oh, we love it when we’re right: hot dogs are the new hamburger. Today comes word that husband and wife team, Richard and Tiffanee Ellman (Oak restaurant co-owners) and John Paul Valverde (Campo restaurant co-owner), have joined forces to create Bowery, a new concept opening next week at 3407 McKinney. The core of their cuisine is the “fresh perspective on fast-casual dining.”  It takes the quintessential American favorite, dignifies the ingredients, modernizes the presentation and brings forth innovative and exciting renditions of the hot dog.” In other words, elevated global and traditional hot dogs.

The sausages hare handmade, grass fed and organic. Buns baked daily. Continuing the Champagne sensibility of Dallas, the drink menu includes Champagne and beer cocktails such as Blueberry Foam, Pale Ginger, and Champagne Sangria. Oh, and milk shakes.

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Bowery is committed to fresh, natural, quality ingredients with unique and creative offerings.  The menu is a blend of both global and traditional recipes from the Chicago and Korn Dog to the Dutchman and Royal Wagyu. Tiffanee Ellman explains, “With Bowery, we are seeking to appeal to all demographics – we believe Bowery will help us to remember that hot dogs are indeed the great American food.  The burger has been elevated and now we strive to do that with the dog.” The sausages are hand-made, grass fed (where applicable) and organic; the buns are baked daily.   The sides are unique and boast robust, delicious flavors.   Consistent with the Bowery theme, the restaurant also serves authentic, homemade malts and shakes.

Richard Ellman says, “Along with the fun, eclectic approach to what has generally been a somewhat ordinary food, we developed two deep drink categories with champagne cocktails and beer cocktails to pair with your dog.”  Some examples of the irresistible drinks are the Blueberry Foam, Pale Ginger, and Champagne Sangria.

When hot dogs popped on the scene, they were received with great fervor and the Bowery’s owners are seeking to recreate that sensation. John Paul Valverde, whose restaurant design firm, Coeval, designed the interior explains, “ We created a space that is a rendition of the Bowery District in New York City near the turn of the 20th century. We combined modern elements while honoring the authenticity of that time as well.”

The earliest examples of hot dogs in America date to the 1860’s in the Bowery district in New York City when German immigrants earned their livings selling hot dogs, along with milk rolls and sauerkraut, from pushcarts on the side of the street.   The Bowery, described by the owners as a gourmet eatery, aims to transport diners to that time and place.

Bowery is located at 3407 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75204. Hours of operation are:  11am -11pm Sunday to Wednesday, 11am-1am Thursday – Saturday.

Website/Phone: 214.965.9110.


  • Bob

    What’s next? Organic Vienna Sausages? Free range mystery meat tacos? Natural cheese puffs? Where do these ideas come from? And how do you get people to invest real money in these schemes?

  • Darren

    I just hope they can generate enough foot traffic to stay in business. There is no parking available there.

  • Liquid Ninja

    Theres no parking…..Waaahhh….I want my binky…..Get over the parking issue people. We want more businesses and transplants to move here and contribute to our market, but once we can’t find a parking spot for our huge SUV or entry level c-class benz and refuse to valet theres a problem. Dear Darren, Chilis on Knox has a great great bar with plenty of newspapers and hey – look at all that parking. Or are you more of an Applebees man? FOOT TRAFFIC???!!! Are you serious??? Have you been to McKinney Ave.?Better yet, Have you been to any other large market? Get back to Plano and park your fat SUV at some strip mall!

  • Daniel

    If some wag had made a painfully obvious joke involving the line, “Get your elevated hot dog!”, I would have taken him to task for immaturity.

  • Edward

    @ Liquid Ninja – Wow! Excitable much today? I don’t think Darren was whining about his SUV or anything else, just pointing out an obvious issue that many restaurants deal with.

    And Chili’s on Knox has tons of parking, right in back.

  • Hospitality Instructor

    @Edward: Ninja was being sarcastic about the Chili’s. And for someone to question the potential foot traffic on McKinney Avenue between Routh and Lemon shows that they have a gnats understanding of the restaurant and bar market in Dallas. NOTHING on McKinney has decent parking other than those in a building with a garage attached. They all do just fine if you take a look on pretty much any night of the week.

    Lumi failed because their owners had no idea how to capitalize on what should be a PRIME location. If the Uptown’ers take to the cuisine, which I’m sure will be great, then they should be rocking and rolling.

    And Liquid Ninja is spot on regarding other large markets and the difference between the few cities that actually have and can support the kind of restaurant market Dallas wants and what actually exists here. It all goes back to population density and the number of butts that are looking for a seat. We think that just because we have an H&M and a Rugby store that we should have the restaurant market of a SF or NYC. It’s a freaking joke because everyone insists on living in BFE so they can have 4,000 sqft on 1.5 acres for under $200K. Well guess what? Then you can’t support (and don’t get to enjoy) a decent roster of restaurants in your city. Everyone wants 40 killer places to choose from for the one dinner per month when they trek into the city and expect that we “urbanites” will prop it all up the rest of the time.

    Cheers to the people who make the necessary sacrifices to live close to the center of the city and can walk to these kinds of places and cheers to the restaurants who are willing to say screw your parking.

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