Hot Dog News! Get Your Hot Dog News! Takeru Kobayashi Joins the Hofmann Hot Dogs!

Eating Sensation: Takeru Kobayashi can eat 69 hot dogs.

Who is Takeru Kobayashi? What are Hofmann Hot Dogs? Have you been living as a homosexuain a cave?

Kobayashi, excuse me, Kobi (小林尊), is the “Japanese eating sensation” who has claimed “dozens of competitive eating titles, including downing a world record 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes in July 2011.” That is not a typo. SIXTY NINE. (He also inhaled 337 chicken wings in 37 minutes.)

This morning Hofmann Sausage Company of Syracuse and the Zaccanelli Food Group of Dallas signed Kobi (please don’t confuse him with this loser) “as a business partner and brand ambassador.” Kobi joins, wait for it, the “Dream Team of Hofmann ownership which includes Roger Staubach, Frank Zaccanelli, Phil Romano, and Jim Boeheim and drives the creation of a new business division designed to expand the U.S. and international reach of Hofmann Hot Dogs.”

In other words, Hofmann Hot Dogs, the oldest hot dog company in America, are now posed to become the new hamburger. If Dallas restaurateur Phil Romano has his way, every child in America will eat 2,000 pounds of Hofmann hot dogs a year. Romano plans to roll out hundreds (thousands?) of Hofmann hot dog restaurants across the country. First one is set to open in Trinity Groves.

If you don’t believe me, you can just jump.

If you don’t want to  jump, you can watch Kobayashi eat…

World Champion Competitive Eater to Help Expand International Reach

SYRACUSE, NY (July 19, 2012) Building upon its May acquisition of the Hofmann Sausage Company of Syracuse, the Zaccanelli Food Group and lead investor the Oneida Indian Nation signed world champion competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi as a business partner and brand ambassador. The signing adds Kobayashi to the Dream Team of Hofmann ownership including Roger Staubach, Frank Zaccanelli, Phil Romano, and Jim Boeheim and drives the creation of a new business division designed to expand the U.S. and international reach of Hofmann Hot Dogs.

Kobayashi, the Japanese eating sensation known as “Kobi” by his fans, has claimed dozens of competitive eating titles, including downing a world record 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes in July 2011.

Hofmann Hot Dogs CEO Frank Zaccanelli said, “We are so happy to give this world champion the recognition he deserves.  Kobi is a true success story.  He came to America looking for an opportunity to succeed and worked his way to international superstardom.  His life truly exemplifies the American Dream.  We expect Kobi’s worldwide appeal to help take Hofmann Hot Dogs to an unprecedented level.”

Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter said, “We invested in the Hofmann Hot Dog Company because we believed the iconic Central New York brand had the potential for international appeal. This partnership with Kobayashi now positions us to turn that potential into reality.  Central New York is home to the baseball, boxing, and distance running Halls of Fame.  If competitive eating had a Hall of Fame, Kobi would already be enshrined there.”

Kobayashi said, “It is an honor to partner with the Hofmann Hot Dog Company.  Not only are they the oldest hot dog company in America, but they also make the best hot dog ever.  I’ve tried plenty.  I am not only a competitive eater, but a food geek.  I respect that Mr. Zaccanelli is keeping the fantastic quality of the Hofmann hot dog as he takes it nationwide and international.  I feel a new chapter of my life beginning, and hope to bring attention to the great Hofmann brand and create a new Kobi dog along the way.”

As part of the business partnership, Kobayashi has acquired an ownership stake in the Zaccanelli Food Group, the managing partner and major investor in the Hofmann Hot Dog Company.  Hofmann has created the Kobayashi business division to create a Kobi line of hot dogs as part of the Hofmann family of products.  Kobi plans to work in direct collaboration with fifth generation Hofmann Hot Dogs founder Rusty Flook to create a new brand of hot dogs to distribute in the U.S., Asia, and beyond. The combination of master hot dog maker Rusty Flook and master eater Kobayashi has created a recipe for a masterpiece.  Kobayashi will have an active role in all facets of the creation and marketing of the product.

Zaccanelli said, “I see Kobi doing for Hofmann Hot Dogs what Michael Jordan did for Nike.”

Kobayashi also becomes worldwide brand ambassador for the Hofmann Hot Dog Company and his personalized brand of Hofmann Hot Dogs.  His first public appearance for Hofmann is set for Saturday, August 25 at the Great New York State Fair when he goes head-to-head in a hot dog eating contest against a ferocious competitor.

Kobayashi said, “I now feel that coming to the United States is becoming the reality that I always dreamed of.  This is definitely the top dog I want to savor and eat slowly.  Two top dogs are very happy together.”

Hofmann Sausage Company is a high-quality meat manufacturer and distributor based in Syracuse, N.Y. The company offers more than 80 products, which are available in a variety of retail locations and online. For more information, visit


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  • Was Zaccanelli President of the Mavs when Perot owned them?
    Last Thursday, I ate 5 WEINERMAN FOOD TRUCK HOT DOGS IN Ft Worth
    in 4 MINS AND 50 SECONDS for 4th place in his first ever Hot Dog Eating Contest.
    It was a time contest on how fast u could eat 5 Weiners. The problem was that when I arrived at the 7TH STREET FOOD TRUCK MARKET there was no one there so I went to IN N OUT BURGER and had 2 animal style. Then when I drove back, Weinerman arrived late to his owncontest and had texts his followers and everyone showed. So I ate 2 IN N OUT and 5 Hot Dogs. Next weeks contest, Weinerman is going to charge the contestants. THAT STINKS!

  • Greg

    Yay, a bunch of rich, white guys telling us what to eat!


  • Primi timpano

    This is surreal.

  • Mike

    Joey Chestnut has beaten Kobayashi in every Nathan’s hot dog contest since 2006. The only one that matters.

  • Megan

    Kobayashi is the world champion, chestnut has not beaten him once. Get your facts straight. And it’s not a bunch of rich white guys telling you what to eat, Hofmanns is the best brand period. Kobayashi was screwed by Nathan’s and now they are giving him the opportunity he deserves. Stop hating, it’s ridiculous!