Goff’s in North Dallas is Closed. Three New Restaurants Open Soon

No more #2 burgers with unmelted cheese at Goff’s in Preston Valley Shopping Cener (LBJ & Preston), the joint closed on June 30. The University Park location is still open. Tippy Thai, a tiny BYOB spot, and Mangiamo Italian Restaurant, a full-service restaurant will open soon.

Just up Preston at Royal I noticed a sign for Saucy’s Thai & Pho over the door next to Natalie’s in the southwest corner of Preston Royal Shopping Center. Also Nando’s, the Veracruz-style restaurant in the space formerly known as Cava/Le Rendezvous, is now open for business. Former Gloria’s employee Fernando Santo is teaming up with his mother Blanco Husca. She was the chef at The Original Mexican Café (“The Original”) in Galveston.


  • El_Matarife

    I believe Saucy’s Thai & Pho is going in the spot that Tootie Pie Co was going to go into.

  • elena34

    What ever happened to Harvey Goff? I finally stopped going years ago—tired of his abuse, but I do miss the burgers. Is he still in the game?

  • Harvey is still in Dallas. He spends his time organizing large dinners for our troops overseas…

  • JustSayYes

    When is Saucy’s Thai & Pho expected to open? Are there other locations?